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Data Discovery & Classification2022-04-12T11:59:24-04:00

Data Discovery & Classification

Do you have a handle on your sensitive data?

Either for compliance or obtaining cyber liability insurance, auditors want to know what kind of sensitive data you house, how much sensitive data you have and share, where it’s located and how it’s protected.  Why?  The simple answer is estimating and quantifying risk.  Businesses are often eager to implement high level protections, but neglect to identify, locate and prioritize sensitive data.  The exercise of Data Discovery and Classification works to get you real time answers to satisfy auditors, roadmap your protection strategy and ultimately mitigate exposure of the sensitive data savvy hackers are looking to exploit.

Strategize Protection

Data Discovery and Classification sets a solid foundation for  your cybersecurity strategy, giving you scan-generated visibility into the what, why, where and how of your data.  From there, you can easily strategize a scalable security solution that tailored to your specific data needs and uses AND enforce policies business-wide.

Identify & Locate Your Data

Nearly 90% of security leaders say they don’t have adequate visibility of the data that they are required to protect.  Powered by machine learning, the Data Discovery tool scans your company’s cloud applications, cloud hosted and on-premises servers and desktops to identify, track, manage and report on sensitive data in real time.

Classify Your Data

Every business owner and stakeholder has a vested interest in understanding  the types of sensitive data used, stored and shared by your business, so it can be properly managed and protected.  Whether warranted by governance, regulatory compliance, insurance requirements, breach avoidance, or the need to simplify your cybersecurity strategy; Data Classification consistently categorizes your data based on pre-defined criteria.  The tool also allows you to tag sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII), then build a comprehensive audit trail and data inventory that will arm you with the details you need to manage your next audit.

Quantify Exposure

When businesses can’t determine what data was exposed in a breach, third parties assume ALL data was breached.  Scoring metrics through Data Discovery and Classification quantify your risk with regulation-based benchmarking, built using the NIST framework and CIS controls.   Using this tool, you can prove what data remains untouched by attackers; in turn speeding breach recovery, and drastically reducing associated costs.

Data Questions Every Business Owner Needs Answered:

  • What types of data do I use, store and share?
  • How much sensitive data do I have?
  • Where is my data located?
  • Who has access to my data?
  • What data should be classified?
  • What levels of classification are there?
  • How can I calculate data exposure risk?
  • What do auditors and insurers want to know about my data?
  • What controls are needed to protect my sensitive data?
  • How can I enforce data protection policies?
  • Haw can I prioritize my cybersecurity efforts?

What will Data Discovery & Classification reveal for your business?