Data Discovery & Classification for Local Government2022-04-22T10:11:04-04:00


Does Your Agency Have a Handle on Its Data?

As a law enforcement agency, your first priority is to protect your community. Ours is to protect your data and keep you compliant with CJIS mandates. Your sensitive data is in constant motion, and before we strategize protection, we need to identify and track it.

PII, biometric data, identity history, biographic data, property data, and case/incident details are all valuable information and highly exploitable when in the wrong hands. Omega Systems, with the use of the Cavelo platform, uses Data Discovery to help you understand where your sensitive data lives and moves across endpoints, on-premise systems or hosted environments. The platform’s Classification feature scores your sensitive data according to the risks your infrastructure may pose to it when storing, using or sharing. This critical and informative step is as unique to your agency as a fingerprint and provides need-to-know intelligence to justifiably safeguard your CJI data.

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