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Best Cyber Security Companies

The best cyber security companies aren’t ones that offer every single service known to man, clogging up their websites with jargon and overwhelming literature. Many companies see the cybersecurity industry as nothing more than a paycheck, and they make it their duty to grind as much money out of your budget as possible while overdelivering on services you’ll never need. When you ask for the best, you ask for a company that customizes their offerings to fit your needs.

Best Cyber Security CompaniesPersonalization, customization, and intimate collaboration are qualities that Omega Systems strives to encapsulate. The future of your company is at stake. You can’t afford to spend a gross amount of your budget on companies selling overpriced support packages with underwhelming results. Our system aims to pair your company with relevant, specialized cybersecurity solutions that take your environment, budget, processes, workforce, and assets into account.

What Cybersecurity Solutions We Offer

When you knock on our door, what are your most pressing concerns? Depending on your needs, goals, requirements, and expectations, Omega Systems has a full suite of options to choose from for optimizing your company network to safeguard against cyberthreats. Given the nature of the digital landscape, your preferred solutions must embody a lot of traits, including versatility, flexibility, adaptability, resiliency, and so on. We can provide that, but first we need to know what we’re dealing with.

So are you looking for a company that can handle your company’s security as an extension of your internal teams, or are you more interested in specialized strategic solutions? To ensure you’re covered, Omega Systems offers services for either:

  • Managed Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Services

Either option presents your company with industry-leading IT professionals that leverage a change management system to ensure your security infrastructure challenges are addressed with relevant, specialized solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with your environment.

Managed Cybersecurity

Our Smart Secure services provide a trio of customizable service packages to outfit your new cybersecurity program with a best fit solution. With round the clock support, your network receives the benefit of a highly skilled team of professionals providing fully-managed, proactive network security that keeps your environment safe.

Not only do we help companies meet regulatory compliance and enact broad-sweeping security policies for effectively identifying, tracking, and remediating cyberthreats assaulting your network, we do it through applying authentic, custom-made tools. Our SIEM tools, made in-house, help our teams compile, analyze, and leverage reports detailing the full scope of your company’s cybersecurity program. We take the time to learn your company’s ins-and-outs as well as your own team, enabling us to create custom-fit solutions with powerful technologies, resources, policies, and practices supporting our efforts.

Cybersecurity Services

You might not need someone to completely take over your cybersecurity for you, but there are always going to be times that call for the hand of an expert in the field. Our cybersecurity services help you stay on top of a field that’s constantly changing to exploit even the slightest vulnerability in your defenses. To do that, Omega Systems offers:

  • Cybersecurity Assessments
  • Cybersecurity Planning
  • Threat Remediation
  • Cybersecurity Hardware Procurement

We abide by something we like to call the Omega Difference. Passion, dedication, determination – these aspects combined with our client-centered processes and, of course, our incredibly skilled team drive us to be one of the best cyber security companies in the nation. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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