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Best IT Security Consulting Firms Baltimore, MD2020-11-15T14:26:05-05:00

Best IT Security Consulting Firms Baltimore, MD

Protecting your infrastructure against looming cyber threats feels never-ending, knowing that the evolving nature of the digital Best IT Security Consulting Firms Baltimore, MDworld means there will always be a new potential catastrophe on the horizon. Partnering with the best IT security consulting firm in Baltimore, Maryland helps ensure that the boulder you’re pushing towards optimized security practices isn’t handled alone.

Omega Systems provides the educational services required to keep up with cyber threats, adapting your practices, security measures, and fundamental knowledge of new incidents to the benefit of your company. Awareness training plays a huge role in establishing a fundamental preventative infrastructure in each of your employees. The better versed your labor pool is in an evolving cybersecurity environment, the more secure your network will be.

Omega Systems’ Awareness Training Program

It doesn’t matter what size, market, or industry your business is in, you are not immune to cybercrime. From enterprise companies to small businesses, every level of commerce deals with its own unique vulnerabilities, all equally susceptible to cyber-crimes at any moment. The fact is, no matter how big or small your company is, there’s always the chance that a cyber-criminal is looking to exploit a weakness within your security mesh.

Your first line of defense, as well as the most valuable resource in protecting your network, will always be your employees. However, either knowingly or unknowingly, the greatest faults for breaches fall on those very same shoulders. Our awareness training program is designed to educate your workforce to identify, analyze, and respond to threats and incidents.

A few distinct features of our awareness training program include:

  • Priority Level Support
  • Automated Training Campaigns
  • User Event API
  • Virtual Risk Officer
  • Smart Groups
  • Assessments
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Training Access Level I & II

Equipping your workforce with advanced techniques designed to avoid, combat, and prevent cyber-attacks develops a grassroots security force built into the very fabric of your organization. Through the division of essential cybersecurity techniques, your organization as a whole is made safer, more reliable, and more credible as a noteworthy business entity.

Enhancing Your Internal IT Infrastructure

The Omega System awareness training program is an investment made in your workforce. The insurance gained through competently enhancing the baseline security knowledge and understanding of your employees keeps your business safe from the vast majority of cyberthreats. As we’ve said, however, there are always new cyber criminals seeking access to sensitive data, finances, and more. Awareness is a good start, but knowledge needs application to be effective.

Omega Systems provides distinguished consulting services intended to optimize and grow your business, both scaling and safeguarding your infrastructure simultaneously. Essentially, you need to focus on expanding your cybersecurity measures, and Omega Systems can provide the consulting resources needed to educate, guide, plan, and execute your path toward a more secure network.

From our end user training programs to unique access to an on-staff Security and Compliance Officer, Omega System’s consulting services offer more without sacrificing integral quality. As the best IT security consulting firm in Baltimore, Maryland, we have a comprehensive understanding of the necessity of an affordable IT consulting service that’s directly aimed at providing our clients with premium support. Our companies are nothing without a safe and secure network. Omega Systems wants to help you get there.

If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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