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Best IT Security Consulting Firms Newark, NJ

Realistically speaking, the chances of winding up with an MSP that’s simply performative in their drive to give your business a competitive edge are not exactly low. Omega Systems, the best IT security consulting firm in Newark, NJ, authentically provides you with every opportunity to grow, evolve, and adapt to a shifting digital landscape.

Best IT Security Consulting Firms Newark, NJThere are plenty of factors to include in identifying whether a security consulting firm is actually invested in your success. A few may be coming to your head right now, but the most telling is how much they talk. Empty words, promises, buzzwords lofted between representatives to make their company look good but ultimately mean nothing. Omega Systems knows that results, not grandiose claims, makes the difference between a quality MSP and one that sees your business as a piggy bank.

Proactive Support and Escalation

The interruption of workplace productivity because of malfunction is a common grievance. Any hiccups in the system, no matter how miniscule, lead to downtime, a time killer that wreaks havoc on your bottom line. The longer it takes to resolve an issue, the less time you have in the workday to meet quotas, finish projects, and maintain consistency to meet deadlines and maintain a semblance of productivity. Once it’s gone, regaining that flow can be complicated.

This is where IT support shines. Resolving problems with rapid response solutions is the definitive benchmark any IT support system should strive for, but rarely do they perform to expectations. The problem lies in escalation. Omega Systems’ Smart Response is explicitly designed for optimized escalation and response times, accurately addressing workplace mishaps to get your company back on the road.

How Our Service Desk Support Works

Our Smart Response service is divided between two paramount resolution teams: Level 1 Service Desk Technicians and Technical Account Management Teams. We identify and prioritize which support requests can be handled within 15 minutes – handled by our Service Desk Technicians – and which need to be escalated to the Technical Account Management Teams for advanced resolution.

Each company we partner with is assigned a dedicated Technical Account Management Team, who are explicitly on call to handle a given client’s advanced IT request. Doing so streamlines and personalizes your IT support, cutting down on excessive time spent grappling with multiple support technicians trying to address an issue that can’t be resolved quickly or easily.

Each TAMT, composed of Level 2 & 3 Engineers, are able to devote their full efforts to solving your problem, while our Service Desk Technicians remain intimately familiar with how your company’s infrastructure and technology environment operates. By employing a change management system, we effectively analyze the issue, design a solution, and finally suggest an optimized course of action delivering premium results. Any which way you look at it, you’re receiving the full value of your dedicated team’s expertise.

Omega Systems, as the best IT security consulting firm in Newark, NJ, abides by our commitment to our clients, ensuring you’re treated with the dignity and respect you deserve. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.