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Best IT Security Consulting Firms Philadelphia, PA

Gaining an edge on your competition requires having access to resources that are exclusively unique to a single organization. That quality is precisely what you’re looking for when you’re seeking out the best IT security consulting firms in the Philadelphia, PA area. What can this company offer your security network that no other business can?

Best IT Security Consulting Firms Philadelphia, PAWe can answer that for you. Omega Systems prides itself on having access to a premium labor pool of highly skilled, accredited engineers, trained in providing unique, innovative solutions to virtually any viral incident. Through highly selective hiring processes, we guarantee that each member of our team delivers premium quality performances, matched by years of expertise, real-world experience, and a penchant for providing optimized solutions. You’ll want no one better to advise, guide, and recommend courses of action for your organization.

Internalized Teams with Unique Certifications

It’s vital that we are accountable for every decision we make. When you partner with a different IT solutions provider, there’s no guarantee that all the work being done for you is in-house. Outsourcing projects to third-parties is rampant, frequently resulting in subpar work at a higher price than acceptable for your budget.

When you choose Omega Systems, you have our guarantee that all our services are provided from our internalized teams. No third-parties, no outsourcing, and full transparency and accountability on our end. You should feel confident that who you’re working with is responsible for the work you’re paying them for.

As a part of what makes our organization distinctly unique from our competitors, we employ two individuals at our company who possess certifications and skills that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the Pennsylvania area: a Security and Compliance Officer and a Fortinet NSE 8 Engineer.

Security and Compliance Officer

Keeping your company compliant is a chore to keep up with. Our Security and Compliance Officer provides the consultation knowledge to routinely match any and all regulatory and security compliance standards in the event of an audit. Our SCO is a unique position that isn’t matched by other IT security consultation firms, allowing you to mobilize and leverage specialized expertise, opinions, and insights that you wouldn’t have access with other companies. Benefits of our SCO’s services include:

  • Providing per-examination and IT audit consultations
  • Answering IT-related questionnaires for third-party regulatory agencies
  • Assisting with on-site or remote participation during the audit process
  • Prioritizing recommendations for remediation and enhancements based on audit deficiencies
  • Implementing remediation and enhancements from audit findings when necessary
  • Continuous awareness of changing audit criteria to maintain compliance

Fortinet NSE 8 Engineer

Fact: There are less than 300 active Fortinet NSE 8 certified professionals in the US.

Fact: One of these uniquely qualified engineers is on-staff with Omega Systems.

The NSE 8 certification is the highest level of qualification with the Fortinet certification ladder, signifying a level of expertise, understanding, and qualification with using Fortinet appliances that is unrivaled by any other individual. Having unrestricted access to a Fortinet NSE 8 Engineer provides uncontestable value when working with any Fortinet devices.

Uniqueness Reflects Omega Systems’ Capabilities

Having these two individuals as members of the Omega System workforce signifies a level of expertise that only the best IT security consulting firm in the Philadelphia, PA area can lay claim to. When you partner with us, you’ll be granted access to premium services, insights, and practices exclusive to Omega Systems. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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