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Cyber Security Threat Assessment2021-04-22T21:10:45-04:00

Cyber Security Threat Assessment

Any company is capable of performing their own cyber security threat assessments. The process itself is far from the most complex procedure your IT department will be tasked with, and the end result affords your company a brief overview of your cybersecurity infrastructure. The problem with performing your own threat assessments is determining whether or not you have the appropriate level of expertise to thoroughly uncover the broad spectrum of risks and vulnerabilities contained within your network. In all likelihood, any threat assessment you do yourself bears the risk of overlooking key weak points that can later be exploited by hackers.

Cyber Security Threat AssessmentAs the cyber threat landscape continues to grow and find new ways to undermine security parameters, the need to identify your company’s weaknesses is vital for your continued success. Omega Systems understands that, while maintaining an airtight security posture is a continual effort, providing a comprehensive insight into your company’s IT environment security affords you the best chance you have at preventing intrusions and incursions from malicious external threats. We want to help you adapt to a changing digital landscape, and that starts with a complete analysis and report of your current, past, and future security standing.

Keep Your Business Protected

There’s no easy method to safeguard your organization’s network infrastructure without understanding what you’re up against. Threats are evolving every day to identify, exploit, and develop a more sophisticated algorithm intent on causing massive damage to your network and reputation. Without a reasonably up-to-date understanding of how the digital landscape threats are changing and how to anticipate further mutation, any preventative measures you place will either be temporary or insufficient.

Knowledge is power. The better you understand where your network cybersecurity is faulty, the better prepared you will be to shore up your defenses. Our cybersecurity assessments leverage industry experience with continual monitoring of the state of cybersecurity to educate your teams on the current threat landscape and how to defend against it. That, of course, starts with a broad analysis of your network security.

Our cybersecurity assessments provide several invaluable services, including:

  • Thorough evaluation
  • Unobtrusive data collection
  • Risk assessment report
  • Expert prevention recommendations
  • Remediation as necessary

Identification and compartmentalization of security vulnerabilities establishes a priority rating of the various gaps in your system. These reports provide insight into where you’re vulnerable and how vulnerable you are in the case of an attack. Some areas may pose a low risk that doesn’t need immediate correction, whereas others are high priority risks that need remediation as soon as possible. In the event of a critical flaw in your network cybersecurity, Omega Systems is even able to provide fast-response remediation for immediate protection.

Reducing Risk and Cost

Like we said before, you could always perform your own threat assessment. However, in the hands of an expert, you won’t have to worry about any missed threats to your system, ensuring that possible attacks in the future won’t force you to shell out more money than you can afford. System repair and remediation is expensive, which is why working with a competent partner with the history and skill to effectively compile data reports and comprehensive evaluations of network cybersecurity reduces overall risk and mitigates future costs.

Performing highly efficient cyber security threat assessments is a key part of keeping your data, infrastructure, clients, and employees safe. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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