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Cybersecurity Companies Serving Gaithersburg, MD2020-10-11T21:10:17-04:00

Cybersecurity Companies Serving Gaithersburg, MD

Have you ever had one of those frustrating moments where you’ve spent hours working on a project, only for the power to cut out, the internet to shut off, or a program freeze before you’ve had a chance to save it? Losing hard-earned progress is one of life’s many regrets. Cybersecurity companies serving Gaithersburg, MD must be accommodating for securing your data as well as your network security.

Cybersecurity Companies Serving Gaithersburg, MDData centers are the go-to source for securing and storing your data, but they’re often imperfect. Public centers running on the public cloud means that the level of control and security you have over your information is constrained, slowing down productivity and reducing flexibility. Omega Systems has you covered, providing privately-owned data center and cloud options, creating disaster-recovery redundancies and accelerated IT cloud infrastructure to help your company thrive.

Unparalleled Data Center Security

Public server farms serve as centralized locations for any number of companies to store their computer and network equipment, acting as a communal space shared between any number of competitors. While it’s a cost and space efficient solution, the demands of so many separate companies have an impact on data retrieval and functionality in the long-run.

We took a different approach. Instead of sharing space with a dozen other companies, Omega Systems went ahead and built our very own private data center. On top of that, to guarantee quality services and security, we went ahead and met or exceeded requirements for several industry-specific compliances. Our data center is the first regional private data center to have successfully completed a clean technical audit performed by a licensed Pennsylvania State Police CLEAN/CJIS Information Security Officer.

Perhaps the most important testament to our high-level security measures is our SSAE 16 AT 101 SOC Type 2 certification. A mouthful, sure, but it authenticates our capability properly and safely handles your data, verified through a third-party audit.

Disaster-Recovery Options

Redundancy is paramount in keeping data safe. Data is not immune to the effects of inclement weather, power loss, or other related disasters, which is why we constructed our center to stand up to the worst elements possible, including:

  • Blackouts
  • Tornados
  • Fire
  • Unauthorized entry
  • Online intrusion

Whatever happens, we’re prepared for it. To further drive home our dedication to redundancy, Omega Systems employs a triple data center approach to backing up your data. If any one of our centers were to suffer complete data failure, they are automatically backed up by either of our two auxiliary data storage centers.

Smart Host Services

Smart Host helps your company scale with growth, provide advanced security measures, improved by a skilled support team, and more. You’re able to enjoy the complete benefits of the cloud without compromising your control over your own system infrastructure. Our goal is to build a foundation for your company and provide the stepping stones needed to help you achieve your business goals.

Whether it’s hosting cloud services or providing data center services that emphasize security and redundancy, Omega Systems is the premiere cybersecurity company serving Gaithersburg, MD. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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