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Cybersecurity Companies Serving Hagerstown, MD

Information is the junction on which all modern business operates. In practice, having a thorough understanding of the market, customer opinion, and so on has always been an essential business practice, but the digital landscape takes that informational fundamentalism and jumps ahead a dozen spaces. Utilizing the expertise of cybersecurity companies serving Hagerstown, MD is about informing your company on how to stay safe, secure, and compliant while establishing your web presence.

Cybersecurity Companies Serving Hagerstown, MD

Omega Systems possesses powerful in-house-created tools that help keep your business on the cutting edge of what’s happening within your network’s sphere. Calibrating and streamlining information flow are critical parts of what makes an overwhelming amount of network data palatable and actionable for creating effective change. With our help, we can provide the knowledge base required to never be taken by surprise attacks from unnoticed weak links in your security parameters again.

Our Original SIEM Tools

When we say original, we mean it. Working with other MSP’s means that, while they may be able to provide SIEM tools, they’re usually rebranded or borrowed from third-party products. That alone removes a lot of the control, versatility, and complexity that the SIEM tool has, especially considering that it’s not a custom-created product provided by the company.

Omega Systems decided to go our own route when it came to utilizing SIEM tools. Instead of copying an extant resource, we built our own, allowing us full control over what our tools offer, enhancing their capability, and possessing full authority over functionality, design, and application. There’s a lot more that can be done when you have intimate, first-hand knowledge of how a resource works.

On a daily basis, your tools, equipment, servers, and applications critical to properly ensuring your business functions generate massive amounts of data. Usually, while utilizing other SIEM tools, most of that information is thrown out and never used. Omega Systems saw an opportunity to capitalize on an underdeveloped resource, directly leading to an SIEM tool that routinely generates practical log analyses, compiling, organizing, and prioritizing actionable, valuable data.

This actionable data looks a bit like the following:

  • Brute force login detection
  • File backups
  • Windows audit policy change
  • Network threat feed
  • Security group deletion
  • Privileged logins
  • Active directory changes
  • File access, deletion, or denial
  • Server logins
  • Failed of interactive logins

Making Meaning Out of Chaos

Like we said, you’ve got a sea of information that drowns out any insightful data you could otherwise utilize to better protect your company. What makes Omega Systems’ SIEM tools reliable, comprehensive, and effective is how we bring that information to you.

By utilizing robust, customized reporting and analyses programs, we target and prioritize high-value information. Once that’s completed, it’s filtered into reports that bring pertinent, actionable data to the forefront of the data wave, informing you in real-time where you can improve your security structure to better prevent cyberattacks, security incidents, and data breaches.

This level of high-performance, business-critical functionality can only be found with Omega Systems. While our competitors rely on borrowing, copying, and outsourcing their work to unreliable third-party apps and tools, we are one of the foremost cybersecurity companies serving Hagerstown, MD through merit of original practices, technology, and resource infrastructure alone. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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