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Cybersecurity Managed Services Philadelphia, PA2021-12-31T12:51:08-05:00

Cybersecurity Managed Services Philadelphia, PA

End-to-end protection for your entire network is far from guaranteed when it comes to building your cybersecurity program. Keeping your users, data, and devices protected from all manner of attacks is just one job among many for your IT department to handle. Exhaustive protection is an investment, and many companies find that the level of investment required to defend their network against an evolving cyber threat landscape is unfeasible. Enlisting the assistance of a third party to provide cybersecurity managed services in Philadelphia, PA, is a cost-effective, empowering option to protect your interests.

Cybersecurity Managed Services Philadelphia, PAMany industries need a higher level of protection to ensure they meet the requirements for third-party compliances. Banking institutions, education, law enforcement, governmental bodies, legal firms – these and more are sensitive fields that need guarantees on network security if they’re expected to prove their competency for handling and securing important information, documentation, and data. Omega Systems has a long history of providing unimpeachable cybersecurity services for organizations that can’t afford to be victimized by hackers. We’re there to provide unified threat management and 24×7 technical support for your IT environment, deploying tailored solutions for complex problems with rapid-response remediation strategies.

What Is Smart Secure?

Once partnered, Omega Systems accepts full authority over your IT network’s cybersecurity program. Unlike many cybersecurity providers who feel it’s enough to rebrand a third-party solution or tool and market it as their own, our teams are focused on delivering optimal experiences through doing our work. That means using our custom-built proprietary tools, performing our extensive reporting analyses, and implementing extensive monitoring campaigns to protect your company by detecting, identifying, remediating, and preventing threats from invading your network.

We don’t outsource our work, keeping every solution and responsibility in-house for accountability. Our proactive preventative programs are a staple for delivering continual monitoring and security optimization for your network at all times. By leveraging innovative technologies, industry-leading professionals, and deep industry knowledge,
Omega Systems provides a fully managed IT network cybersecurity program that seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure.

Providing What You Need

As we’ve mentioned, many companies will try to make as much money off you as possible. Paying for services you don’t need, receiving packages that don’t quite align with your company goals, and inflexible service that doesn’t conform to your IT environment are frustrating and impractical for long-term protection. Smart Secure doesn’t work that way. It’s an option-based tiered system ideal for customizing your service package to fit your exact specifications. Even our most basic package, Stratus, does more to protect your company than our competitors’ most comprehensive selections, including features such as:

  • Firewall Policy Configuration
  • Site to Site IPSEC VPN Configuration
  • Remote Access SSL VPN Configuration
  • Denial of Service Policy Configuration
  • Firewall Level Antivirus and Antimalware Protection
  • Firewall Level Antispam Protection
  • Category Based Web Filtering Configuration
  • Category Based Application Control Configuration
  • Traffic Shaping and Quality of Service Configuration
  • Intrusion Prevention Service
  • SD-WAN Configuration
  • And more.

If that’s everything you’re receiving with our most basic offerings, then imagine what your company could do with our broadest cybersecurity packages.

The cloud is a dangerous place. You can’t afford to expose your network to it without taking appropriate measures to safeguard your company. With the proper cybersecurity managed services in Philadelphia, PA, from Omega Systems, you’ll never have to worry about network integrity again. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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