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Cybersecurity MSP Philadelphia

Preventing cyberattacks calls for a proactive IT department that’s on top of the latest technologies, practices, policies, programs, processes, and more. Failure to keep your security framework updated with the newest information invites disaster, such as a data breach or compromised infrastructure resulting from a hacker’s efforts. As the cyber threat landscape evolves, companies must adapt to a fluctuating environment, constantly putting their sensitive data at risk. Some companies lack the time or resources to build their cybersecurity division, leading them to look into cybersecurity MSPs in Philadelphia to give them a preventative edge.

More than a few fields can’t afford to lose an iota of their information to malware: banks, governments, hospitals, businesses, criminal justice departments, education, and so on. These highly-regulated industries have a higher standard for maintaining regulatory compliance, proving they’re capable of staying current with changing requirements for optimal protection. Omega Systems’ goal is to over-deliver on services that most other managed service providers only hope to scratch. It’s a testament to our dedication as a cybersecurity solution provider. We cover every inch of the spectrum, from the most basic offerings to the most complex functionalities that put your company on the map.

What Is Smart Secure?

Handling your own cybersecurity affords your internal teams a greater degree of authority over every aspect of your organization. However, the tradeoff is that you’re solely responsible for every expense your cybersecurity program incurs to keep pace with emerging threats. This includes such costs as:

  • New hires
  • Training
  • Hardware procurement
  • Software implementation
  • SD-WAN/WAN configuration
  • Regular security scans

These and other fees will considerably impact your bottom line while not guaranteeing optimal protection for your IT environment. Just buying the most expensive piece of equipment is by no means the best solution for your network, resulting in overpaying for underutilized resources in the long run.

Smart Secure is our option-based, tiered cybersecurity solution that provides fully managed services 24/7. Our teams possess deep industry knowledge suited for identifying and comparing emerging technologies that may enhance your security parameters without crunching your budget. Every client receives the treatment and expertise they deserve to protect their interests.

What Is Available Through Smart Secure?

You’ll find no shortage of companies who’ll take advantage of your situation and make you overpay for services you don’t need. That’s money hemorrhaging out of your pockets, doing nothing more than supporting a managed service provider that doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

What makes Omega Systems different? Our least comprehensive services exceed the value of the best offerings our competition can muster. We utilize custom-built SIEM tools, internalized departments, live-time dashboards, and more to deliver the best results through perfect-sized solutions. You’re free to pick and choose what your company needs to thrive, as well as a selection of a la carte options to augment your infrastructure further.

We built our own Managed Cybersecurity Solution. Our competitors make do with third-party solutions rebranded as their own service offerings. By constructing our own tools, processes, and platforms, we maintain ownership and an enhanced sense of capability due to our intimate understanding of how our resources operate. If you’re comparing cybersecurity MSPs in Philadelphia, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that outpaces our security expertise or affordability. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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