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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services Delaware2022-03-02T18:45:16-05:00

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services Delaware

Now more than ever, the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving along with developing cybersecurity standards. The more security providers deploy the latest solutions; the more advanced malware grows in response. What might not have been much of a weakness last year could be the exact opening a cyber threat developer was looking to exploit. Rather than operate under a false sense of security, it might be time for your company to look into enlisting the best cybersecurity risk assessment service in Delaware to give you a clear picture of how your network stands up.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services Delaware

You need a company that pays attention to details, capable of taking a security-first approach to every step of the assessment process. That means starting with a short consultation, followed by an intensive examination of all internal and external assets that could be compromised, and ending with a detailed plan of action to institute for efficient resolution.

Omega Systems is there for you, utilizing custom-built solutions guaranteeing full authority and competency in delivering holistic results spanning the entirety of your attack surface. No matter how small or large, our teams are at the ready to lend a hand in returning your network to a protected state.

Complete Measurements of Your Security Posture

Cybersecurity risk assessments can be generally broken down into five steps:

  1. Risk assessment scope determination
  2. Risk identification
  3. Risk analysis and potential impact
  4. Risk evaluation and prioritization
  5. Risk documentation

A risk assessment usually isn’t enough to determine how well any particular aspect of your network architecture can withstand assault. The essential assets for your operations need to be deemed secure enough that they won’t crumble under a targeted malware attack. PEN testing is best reserved for that function. But it’s a critical process to gain insight into how widespread your vulnerabilities are. Omega Systems gives you a competitive advantage through proactive identification and recommended remediation strategies.

Determining Assessment Scope

While we recommend covering every inch of your architecture, a complete system evaluation can be a lot to undertake. Not every project needs the full runabout, and in many cases, your risk assessment process only covers a select number of critical assets that need investigation.

Identifying Potential Risks

A risk assessment exists to provide the broadest possible oversight regarding your network security vulnerability state and a summary of what could go wrong. A risk assessment doesn’t tell you the exact details of how protected certain aspects of your network are. The depth of your security policies is another matter entirely.

Potential Impact

Once the risks are cataloged, it is imperative to understand how much potential damage they could do to your company. Essentially, this part of the process determines how likely an incursion is and how damaging the outcome could be.

Evaluation and Prioritization

The previous step sets up the guidelines. The next entails extensive reporting to sort out the remediation strategy, listing each vulnerability by severity for timely resolution.


The information produced through our cybersecurity risk assessment services in Delaware is vital to keep on file for cohesive documentation. This information helps keep your company compliant, maintains a history of past risks and data detailing each identified vulnerability. A decent risk assessment provider helps streamline this process. If you’re interested in a partnership, call Omega Systems at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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