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Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence and Reporting

Gaining access to the type of cybersecurity threat intelligence and reporting that actively protects your company’s interests is the best step your organization can make for modernizing and optimizing preventative policies for your cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence and ReportingNearly every cybersecurity threat, incursion, and eventual fallout stem from a lack of information. Having absolute visibility and transparency into what’s happening inside and around your network, however, is a task that is easier said than done. The sophistication of the cyber threat landscape is constantly shifting, changing, and evolving while contending with your security infrastructure and parameters involves extensive monitoring technologies and policies that many IT departments don’t possess.

Excellent threat intelligence and reporting starts with the right tools. Omega Systems employs custom-built SIEM tools leveraged by industry-leading experts to compile highly detailed and comprehensive priority reports about all aspects of your network activity and parameters. There’s a massive amount of data procedurally generated through daily use across the entirety of your network, much of which contains valuable information that can be used for the healthy growth of your company. Not only do we offer broader perspectives regarding traffic and data in your network, but our sophisticated reports also inform your teams where threats to your system are, could be, and where your network security is most vulnerable to potential attacks.

Access to Industry-Leading Tools

Any expert craftsman will tell you how important it is to have the right quality tools to do the best job. The same applies to cybersecurity. If your only protection against malware, ransomware, hidden backdoors, and more is a free antivirus software program or the least expensive network analyzer on the market, your results will speak for themselves. Overlooked vulnerabilities, reduced network performance, and poor user experience are symptoms of a neglected network cybersecurity program.

Everything Omega Systems does is either done with powerful cybersecurity tools from trusted best-in-class vendors or of our own making. We can deliver tremendous results because we leverage the best tools with applied human interaction with machine learning, maximizing what our technicians can accomplish for the highest quality deliverables.

Tools such as FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager enable custom reporting with real-time figures, prioritizing important information for your organization to use. Our most impressive tool, however, is one of our creations: a custom SIEM tool.

Omega Systems’ SIEM Tool

Your network is an amalgamation of dozens of assets, such as network equipment, storage, wireless devices, business-critical applications, and more that need effective monitoring at all times. Every infrastructure will be inherently complex due to the demands instituted by modern technology, which can be both a good and bad thing. Your assets have a lot to offer you, but most of that data falls through the cracks if you have no method for processing it.

Our SIEM tool is in-house built, meaning our engineers know how to best utilize its functions. This means you have unmitigated access to experts, helping your company leverage our SIEM tool’s vast set of capabilities for compiling, organizing, and constructing actionable intelligence reports that highlight pertinent information for your teams to act upon.

Reactive security parameters are insufficient for protecting your company. Omega Systems offers proactive cybersecurity threat intelligence and reporting tools that give your organization a competitive edge. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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