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Data Center / Cloud Computing Services in Lancaster, PA2022-05-22T21:42:20-04:00

Data Center / Cloud Computing Services in Lancaster, PA

We are living in a world that is increasingly reliant on technology. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, there seems to be some technological device or service that we rely on. This is especially true when it comes to business and work. Whether checking email, viewing reports, or collaborating with coworkers, much of what we do now happens online and in the cloud. As our dependence on technology grows, so does the need for robust data center/cloud computing services in Lancaster, PA. While the market is swamped with companies claiming they’re the right provider for your needs, most cannot deliver on their promises.

Data Center / Cloud Computing Services in Lancaster, PA

Omega Systems believes in autonomy without compromise. Our goal is to provide the best data center and cloud computing services on a scale that our competition can’t compete with. What we have that our competitors don’t is a private data center that we built from the ground up. That means we aren’t forced to share any space with the public, allowing us to focus on superior customer service for our partners. Your IT environment receives top-quality support and unbeatable performance round-the-clock with personalized oversight. Your company’s digital future starts here.

More Control with Greater Security

The main distinction between a public and a private data center is availability. Public data centers are open to everyone. They service many companies while providing adequate security at a reasonable price. However, unlike private data centers, you compete with these other companies for server resources and customer support. The availability provided through a public data center comes at the cost of personalized services for your company’s network, which may be affordable to your company while compromising its overall performance.

No one owns our data center but us. Omega Systems’ autonomous authority over our privately built SSAE 18 AT 101 SOC Type 2 data center allows us to deliver better cloud computing services to advance your company’s growth. It’s an investment that we’re dedicated to maintaining, allowing our company to continually improve on the structure we’ve already built, making it an investment that’s as beneficial to your company as it is to ours. Numerous benefits are exclusively available through our data center hosting services, such as:

  • High-level customizations (reporting, applications, capabilities, scalability)
  • Rapid Responsiveness
  • Single-Layered Support Communication
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Low Latency
  • Controlled Decision Making
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Regulated Compliance
  • Best-In-Class Functionality

They don’t stop there either. Public data centers are more than happy to leave you to your own devices, making their customer support services underwhelming. Omega Systems takes the time to provide network support that’s familiar, specialized, and relevant to your needs.

We employ IT professionals who are there to answer any questions you might have, providing strategic advice, remote hands, and expertise designed to augment your in-house IT staff. Because we’re a private data center, you don’t have to compromise on resource availability or scalability to take advantage of everything we have to offer.

With Omega Systems’ data center/cloud computing services in Lancaster, PA, your company can take back control of your future growth and development. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us on our website for a consultation.

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