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End User Security Awareness Training Philadelphia, PA

IT is one of those industries where obsolescence is indefinitely hot on your heels. Policies five years old need updating, technologies ten years old are barely capable of providing the power, performance, and capability needed to contend with industry demands, and the digital landscape is constantly changing. Above all else, threats are constantly reaching new levels of sophistication, undermining established preventative measures and expanding the attack threat surface across entire industries. Keeping your employees prepared to handle any threat with end user security awareness training in Philadelphia, PA is vital for keeping your company safe, secure, and prepared.

End User Security Awareness Training Philadelphia, PA

Omega Systems has our finger on the pulse of how the digital landscape evolves. Our goal to match every new threat with adaptive preventative measures, robust remediation policies, and rapid response reporting starts with ensuring every engineer receives the comprehensive education needed to handle the threat environment. Cyber criminals don’t stop their attempts to generate new variants of malware, ransomware, and other viral threats, which is why our efforts to overcome a threatening cyber landscape are also constantly evolving.

Effective, Actionable Training

The concept behind a security awareness training program is to provide your employees with the education, resources, and perspective needed to combat a looming cyber threat. There’s always a chance that your company could have a minor misalignment in its security parameters exploited, and ensuring your workforce has the prevention, remediation, and awareness training needed to identify and counteract any given threat helps keep your infrastructure ready to withstand any incursion.

Instruction is nothing if it does not result in actionable techniques and practices. There are all varieties of attacks that could occur, and Omega Systems’ security awareness training regimen includes a variety of categories covering multiple areas of expertise to blanket as much ground as possible. Depending on where your workforce’s expertise is lacking, you’re able to choose which pertinent programs are best suited for your needs.

A wide assortment of training options ensures you’ll receive the dedicated instruction required to bolster your company’s capability to shore up its defenses with effective preventative protocols and strategies. Our program offerings include:

  • Priority Level Support
  • Reporting APIs
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Smart Groups
  • Virtual Risk Officer
  • Phish Alert Button
  • Crypto-Ransom Guarantee
  • And more.

What Makes Omega Systems an Expert?

No company has a clearer understanding of what the digital landscape holds than we do. Ever since our founding, we’ve brought high quality cybersecurity support to industries ranging from banking institutions to governmental bodies to legal entities. Our extensive industry experience affords us a workforce that consists of industry-leading professionals with real-world experience working on the forefront of cybersecurity defense.

The Omega Difference defines our company’s approach to our work. Passion determination, dedication – these fundamental attributes are inherent in every solution we tailor, every service we provide, and every engineer we employ. By carefully selecting only the best to supplement our team, we maintain a high standard that we strive to uphold for every client we work with.

That same perseverance for providing quality of service is evident in our end user security awareness training in Philadelphia, PA. The future of cybersecurity depends on engineers being equipped with a constantly updated knowledge base of the threat landscape. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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