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External Vulnerability Assessment Services

Omega Systems has had a vested interest in providing high-quality managed security services since our establishment as a company. While our internal and external assessment services are only part of a repertoire of essential offerings, such as monitoring, cloud hosting, consultations, and hardware procurement, our priority is equipping your teams with relevant insights using custom-built technologies and exemplary data collection techniques.

External Vulnerability Assessment ServicesThe internet is an invaluable resource, but it provides just as much opportunity to hackers as businesses. Keeping your network, data, employees, and clients safe starts and ends with information.

Specialty assessments are needed to gauge your company’s security stature fully. While you might think there are catch-all scans available, any services that claim to satisfy the full spread of your IT infrastructure’s surface with a single inclusive assessment are selling something short of the truth.

In-depth analysis of your network parameters can be achieved through different manners of assessment, though two are worth mentioning here: internal and external. These help address the different types of weaknesses within your network infrastructure that may be exposed to cyber threats, identifying root vulnerabilities within your network and without. To compile a comprehensive report of all risks across your network edge, ports, and other potential attack surfaces, you’ll need a company skilled in delivering detailed external vulnerability assessment services.

Keeping Your Teams Informed

An internal vulnerability assessment focuses on weaknesses within your network structure. Viruses, Trojans, and other points of exploitation can be leveraged under your very nose. In contrast, an external vulnerability scan is what most companies are more familiar with as per the understanding of what an assessment entails. Rather than gain insights into where your interior is weak, it’s designed to measure your network edge for gaps and areas of misalignment that could be used to access your network.

Taking a proactive stance toward safeguarding your network means having a cohesive understanding of your current network parameters, including any ports to the internet that may be compromised or other areas across your attack surface, such as your firewalls, IP addresses, or web applications. These are the front-facing aspects of your network that are visible to spectators. All information gleaned from an external vulnerability assessment paints a clear image of what’s available to hackers.

What Omega Systems Offers

Not only will you receive the most comprehensive reports about your current network parameter status, but our cybersecurity teams possess in-depth industry knowledge for best practices in remediating vulnerabilities and planning effective patch programs to protect your network. Resolving weaknesses needs more than a list of every single firewall and IP weakness currently affecting your systems – it needs structure and prioritization to handle the most severe vulnerabilities before systematically addressing less dangerous points of interest. Other benefits include:

  • Thorough evaluation
  • Unobtrusive data collection
  • Risk assessment report
  • Expert prevention recommendations
  • Remediation as necessary

Productive examinations of your security posture take time to bring to fruition. As a result, your entire company benefits from a more robust, more secure approach to future interactions.

We see it as our duty to provide unrivaled cybersecurity support for our clients, offering the best solutions at the most accessible prices, including external vulnerability services. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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