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Internal Vulnerability Assessment Services

Cyber threats can come from all sorts of different angles, and maintaining total visibility into your network firewalls, parameters, devices, and other potential sources of vulnerability plays a crucial role in protecting your investments. Vulnerability scans are an essential part of this, but knowing which type of scan is appropriate for any situation helps businesses identify weaknesses before they pose a real issue to your system operations. Partnering with a managed services provider, like Omega Systems, that specializes in internal vulnerability assessment services with custom-built proprietary tools gives your teams accurately rendered insights through a detailed report of the current state of your network infrastructure and parameters.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment ServicesNot all threats to your network originate from external sources. While implementing effective preventative measures to negate the impact that cyber attacks can have on your overall attack surface, performing regular internal scans identifies actual and potential threats already present within your systems. Knowing what threatens you, how it threatens you and developing a plan to remediate those weaknesses comes from a place of enlightenment, something that Omega Systems is well equipped to assist you with. Giving companies greater autonomy and control over the sanctity of their systems begins and ends with frequent scans that inform the patch management process.

What Is an Internal Vulnerability Assessment?

As more companies focus on the external dangers rapidly evolving in response to the continual development of sophisticated security practices and the expansion of IoT, an increased risk of incursion rises within the bounds of their systems. Internal vulnerability assessments are a proactive measure to stay on top of changes in your system, integrating new preventative measures in response regularly.

These types of internal threats have a variety of ways to occur, either through hacker manipulation or physical means. A disgruntled employee, for instance, might take the opportunity to make a significant mark on your systems before they leave, resulting in a data breach and severely impacted operations. On the other hand, malware can be introduced into your IT infrastructure environment through viruses or Trojans, downloaded through emails, internet usage, or USB sticks.

Any of these attacks won’t be detected through an external vulnerability assessment, a process that focuses on other aspects of your network parameters that are barraged by cyber attacks. Given enough time, through updates and patch programs, many vulnerabilities within your network can be overshadowed through multiple iterations. Prioritizing the internal functions of your network highlights these areas and determines whether your previous patch efforts are verified.

Taking the Next Step

Knowing is half the battle. While you’re free to perform your internal vulnerability scans, there are several reasons why your in-house teams aren’t well equipped to provide the level of thorough investigation required for an insightful assessment. Some common obstacles include:

  • Inefficient allocation of project priority
  • Lack of time
  • Insufficient resources
  • Insufficient expertise

Allowing a dedicated company like Omega Systems to take full authority over your internal vulnerability assessment services reduces overall risk while opting for a cost-effective, competitive edge. Your internal network changes over time, making routine assessments vital for preserving security compliance and protective policies. Letting Omega Systems take the wheel offers the total value of an in-depth vulnerability assessment without deviating essential resources and manpower from core competency projects. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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