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IT Disaster Recovery Services Allentown, PA2021-09-21T20:20:25-04:00

IT Disaster Recovery Services Allentown, PA

What is disaster recovery? Thankfully, it’s as transparent as it sounds. Disaster recovery (DR) is used to help recuperate and continue organizational processes by restoring your IT infrastructure, data, systems, and apps from a backup site to a saved state. Without comprehensive DR programs in place as a safety net, your company runs a genuine risk of arriving at a dead-end should the worst happen and either a manufactured attack, viral incursion, or natural weather event shut down your primary server. Utilizing dedicated IT disaster recovery services from Omega Systems in Allentown, PA, helps streamline and optimize your DR plans for fast, effective treatment.

IT Disaster Recovery Services Allentown, PAThink about it: as soon as your IT infrastructure fails, there’s not a whole lot that your workforce can accomplish. The resulting downtime costs your overhead exorbitant, hemorrhaging money, reputation, and data the longer you’re off the air. Getting operations back up and running as fast as possible with same-day recovery is best achieved when you’re working with a company with the proven expertise, industry-leading professionals, and powerful resources at their disposal to get the job done right. Suffice it to say, Omega Systems has everything you need to rest easy knowing that, even in the worst of circumstances, your IT infrastructure and data will pull through.

Prepared for Any Disaster-Level Occurrence

Physical infrastructure tends to be more vulnerable than we’d like it to be. A falling tree branch can knock out a block’s power for hours if left unattended. Leaving your IT infrastructure’s integrity to the will of a public data center may be cost-effective. Still, it lacks the same flexibility, customization, and attention to detail needed for suitable preventative measures.

The same extends to the digital landscape. The internet is swarming with viruses, malware, trojans, and other sophisticated programs leveraged by hackers with the intent to disrupt company operations and steal your data. Safeguarding information grows increasingly essential by the day.

Omega Systems has our own SSAE 16 AT 101 SOC 2-certified Data Center, privately built to house our in-house applications and services offerings on our private cloud. It’s designed with security, performance, and reliability in mind, prepared for whatever dangers may come our way.

Human-Made Threats

Whether they attempt a physical entry or through a digital medium, our servers are reinforced with the latest technologies available for optimal protection and prevention. These include:

  • Tier 1 hardware and software infrastructure
  • Internal/external monitored security cameras
  • Biometric access
  • Check-in desk
  • Constant updates with industry-leading reporting and preventative measures

Natural Disasters

Weather won’t always play nice. No matter the storm that comes our way, our data center is designed for resilience and durability, keeping operations running despite power outages, collateral damage, or other challenges. Our solutions include:

  • Optimum temperature control with dual air conditioning
  • Security mesh core walls and ballistic glass
  • “Green” fire suppression system
  • Diesel generator and three uninterrupted power supply generators

Solutions for Worst-Case Scenarios

Everything on our servers is backed up on our out-of-state Disaster Recovery Data Center in Ohio. Even if every other contingency fails, your IT infrastructure and data won’t be threatened while remaining accessible, enabling fast response for immediate systems recovery.

Thinking about losing your hard work to a disaster is stress-inducing. Omega Systems providing vital IT disaster recovery services in Allentown, PA, helps alleviate the pressure. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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