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IT Disaster Recovery Services Reading, PA

IT disaster recovery services from Omega Systems in Reading, PA, are an instrumental cloud computing service model that ensures all your data, IT infrastructure, and systems are securely backed up through third-party cloud computing and hosting environments. We provide in-depth Smart Host and Stor services designed to keep your organization operational even in the face of disaster. When you lose access and infrastructure functionality, dedicated disaster recovery solutions are essential for protecting and restoring your network, systems, database, and applications to their rightful place.

IT Disaster Recovery Services Reading, PAIf you’re set on handling your disaster recovery programs, plans, and deployment methods yourself, all the more power to you. However, for company’s without the resources or IT personnel available to recoup losses and mitigate damage after system-wide failure, Omega Systems is there for you. We have professional teams on-call to provide tailored support and expertise for maximum data retention and restoration after either human-made or natural disasters. Since we’re handling the workload, your organization doesn’t have to own or maintain any resources needed for effective, fast response. Rather than scrambling to manage disaster recovery, you can rely on Omega Systems as your disaster recovery service provider to minimize downtime with same-day restoration.

Disaster Recovery Starts with Our Private Data Center

Whether it’s an attack from a hacker, a storm, or an intruder taking the direct physical route to reach our servers, Omega Systems has invested a respectable amount of time, effort, money, thought, and resources into ensuring our privately-owned data center is up to snuff. The quality and security of our cloud hosting services are intrinsically tied to the level of control and management we have over our data center, allowing us to maintain compliance and take extra measures to ensure your IT infrastructure receives more attention and care than you would from just a platform provider.

Fundamentally, our vision for how to best protect your company’s interests takes a very personalized perspective. The only way that our 5,000-square-foot SSAE 16 AT 101 SOC 2-certified Data Center can provide exemplary backup and recovery is if we implement unrivaled prevention methods and redundancies for any occasion. We know the challenges that data centers face, and our aim to be the top-performing data center means adequately addressing each hurdle with aplomb, diligence, and dedication.

There’s a reason why there are no other data centers quite like ours. The key differentiators between our data center and others like it in the region include:

  • Internal/external monitored security cameras
  • Biometric access to sensitive areas
  • Tier 1 hardware and software infrastructure
  • Optimum temperature control with 13-ft. ceilings and dual air conditioners
  • “Green” fire suppression systems
  • Mesh core walls and ballistic glass
  • Diesel generator and three redundant backup UPS units
  • The check-in desk for no unaccompanied visitors

Even if there were to be some catastrophe that shuts down our primary data center, our disaster recovery center based in Columbus, OH, ensures your company’s data, applications, and IT infrastructure is fully updated and ready for implementation.

Omega Systems is proud of our data center, without a doubt. However, it’s only one reason why our IT disaster recovery services in Reading, PA, are known for their comprehensive functionality. Flexibility and customization define every step of our process. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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