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IT Help Desk Services Philadelphia2020-11-15T15:32:07-05:00

IT Help Desk Services Philadelphia

An organization is, at its core, an entity built on collaboration. Like any great machine, each piece plays a vital role in ensuring that the construct as a whole functions as intended, with every tooth of every cog and gear clicking seamlessly into place. When you want to keep your company running as best it can, you need to enlist the assistance of the best IT help desk services in Philadelphia.

IT Help Desk Services Philadelphia

One way or another, you’re going to have a run of bad luck, and you’ll need functional expertise and dedicated teams handling any issues coming down the pipeline to be addressed and delegated as needed. Omega Systems offers fully synchronized, rapid-response support, streamlining needed IT support at a moment’s notice to the best Technical Account Management Teams on-call.

How Omega Systems Delivers Fast, Effective Service

Creating a quick incident response system derives from a single concept: escalation. Every issue has an allotted level of priority but, regardless of immediate consequence, every incident matters. It can be something as inconvenient as a frequent error message popping up to the entire network crashing – proper IT support is there to ensure that customers and clients alike are listened to and responded to.

The impetus that drives Omega Systems’ quick response efforts are balanced on four factors:

  • Proactive communication
  • Dedicated collaboration
  • Infrastructure familiarity
  • Escalation protocols

Adhering to a system built atop these concepts empowers our dedicated support professionals to address each and every incident that comes their way to the grace, speed, and effectiveness we pride our IT services on.

Proactive Communication

Communication, as in any organization, is the tool that makes the machine work. Proactive communication, however, is the next step, wherein every question asked anticipates and directly corresponds to building a better understanding of what the issue is and how to resolve it. Through this method, our professionals mitigate frustration while actively reducing time spent struggling with any particular incident.

Dedicated Collaboration

Our IT services may be vital to the well-being of your company’s productivity, but at the end of the day it is still your company. With any considerable IT incident, our Escalation teams are instructed to work with your internal IT staff, ensuring you stay in the loop regarding severe circumstances. By providing insightful details, logs, and reports, our collaboration efforts quickly address and resolve any issues.

Infrastructure Familiarity

You can’t truly help resolve incidents within a company’s infrastructure if you don’t understand how it operates. That’s why our technicians research, familiarize, and intimately understand every client’s network. Knowledge creates a channel for expertise to be properly applied, directly impacting and streamlining the support process.

Escalation Protocols

Incidents should be resolved before they negatively impact productivity and workflow. With every call that arrives in our IT support system, our Level One Service Desk Technicians aim to resolve it within 30 minutes. If the request will take longer than that, it is escalated to our customer’s dedicated Technical Account Management Team. Efficient organization accelerates the process as a whole.

With a 90% success history of our Escalation Technicians resolving incidents without resorting to escalation, our Philadelphia IT help desk services speak for themselves. We believe in providing the kind of assistance that drives growth and reduces downtime. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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