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Managed IT Infrastructure Services Philadelphia, PA2021-02-26T22:21:37-05:00

Managed IT Infrastructure Services Philadelphia, PA

Anything related to tech has an embedded reputation for failure. Computers break, code doesn’t work right, and infrastructure is a headache to deal with. Figuring out how to build and support an optimal infrastructure for your company requires a variety of solutions, ranging from procuring the right hardware to extensively planning out your infrastructure to reach a cost-effective solution. It’s an important aspect of your company, but not all companies are equipped with the expertise, resources, and personnel needed to carry out the project to its optimal completion. For times like these, leveraging managed IT infrastructure services in Philadelphia, PA can be your ticket to realizing a strong infrastructure design without overextending your capabilities or budget.

Managed IT Infrastructure Services Philadelphia, PAThe obvious question that follows, of course, is which company will you partner with to meet your needs, expectations, and company goals? Providing top quality service with a workforce composed of some of the best engineers, technicians, and architects in the field, Omega Systems is there to help your company reach its full potential. Every company has a unique makeup, including their own intricacies, assets, policies, and environments that require consideration to seamlessly mesh with any new infrastructure. We provide best-fit solutions designed to smoothly integrate your infrastructure, providing you with critical capabilities, reliability, and superior performance.

Infrastructure Planning

If you were to blindly begin reorganizing your company infrastructure, you’d realize very quickly but too late that you’ve created more problems than you’ve solved. You wouldn’t construct a house without building plans, you take a trip without a roadmap, and you shouldn’t tackle company infrastructure without extensive planning to plot out objectives, solutions, and available resources.

Our infrastructure services consider every aspect of what your company needs, providing insight into how to best plan ahead to keep the project on budget while planning, designing, and testing your new infrastructure for optimal performance. Our project planning offerings cover several key functions, including:

  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Cloud migrations
  • Auditing

Procuring Best-In-Class Solutions

Infrastructure means nothing if you don’t have the hardware to support your workforce. Omega Systems is, among many other qualities, a VAR that’s dedicated to procuring the right solutions to keep your operation running smoothly. Not only will we source it for you, we’ll leverage premium vendors to find you the ideal technology to optimize work practices and reach your company goals.

We’re able to procure a wide variety of technological assets for your company. Our procurement services include:

  • Desktops
  • Hardware
  • Backup
  • Servers & storage
  • Networking
  • Wireless

Continual Support

Even once your infrastructure is finished and in place, the work isn’t ever truly done. Technology never sits still, and solutions that were top of their class today may be obsolete tomorrow. Infrastructure requires upkeep, which means finding new solutions to improve your current design and maintain a network that enables your company to excel. Omega Systems provides accessible support, including a dedicated team to assist your infrastructure endeavors, to help your company thrive, scale, and grow.

We consider your company’s success our company’s success. Infrastructure is a complicated concept, and we’re there to provide expertise and world-class customer services to ensure you’re always on top of the ball. Our managed IT infrastructure services in Philadelphia, PA will create great results, exceeding your expectations to achieve greater, loftier goals. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.