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Managed IT Services Altoona, PA

Reliance on cloud-based technology and an ever-growing digital infrastructure is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it offers immense versatility, adaptability, scalability, and customization that enables complete control over your company’s growth and direction, making business objectives more attainable in both the short- and long term. On the other hand, interruptions to your systems network have enormous consequences, and in worst-case scenarios, can shut down operations for the day. Managed IT services in Altoona, PA, are vital components of keeping system downtime minimal, streamlining operations, and maintaining high productivity for minimal harm to ROI, brand image, data loss, and credibility.

Managed IT Services Altoona, PAA robust IT department isn’t a faction that’s snatched from thin air. It has to be grown and maintained, equipped with advanced threat protection measures and technologies that enable them to keep watch over the entire surface of your network. For many companies, that level of investment is unfeasible, which leads to either an insufficient IT department that leaves vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, and unoptimized processes in your infrastructure, or a lack of resources that should be put toward core competencies. Omega Systems offers specialized managed IT services to seamlessly mesh with your teams, acting either as a supplementary support branch or as your entire IT department.

Minimize Downtime and Improve Productivity

Even something as minor as a program that isn’t opening correctly impacts your workforce’s productivity. While that is a minor example, workflow is built off momentum, meaning even small hurdles gradually wear your engineers down, losing work hours to preventable nuisances. What about major incidents? System-wide shutdown, blackouts, sudden loss of the internet, viral incursions, and so on have enormous consequences on system integrity, productivity, and efficiency if left untreated.

Rapid response remediation and streamlined escalation measures make the difference between a wasted workday and a minor issue. Your IT help support desk has to effectively screen requests based on priority, emergency, and severity, a process that determines how easily tickets can be resolved and issues corrected while minimizing overall work loss. Maintaining those processes requires on-deck teams supported by expert service desk technicians capable of identifying issues and delegating them efficiently to the appropriate authorities.

Omega Systems’ IT desk support services provide where other companies barely scratch the surface: world-class support delivered from professionals with an intimate understanding of your unique infrastructure. Timely resolution relies on skilled judgment calls and access to dedicated technical support teams to administer triage and solutions on a moment’s notice for any incident. Our service desk features include:

  • Expert-level support for popular business software, custom applications, multiple platforms, and network issues
  • US-based team available 24/7
  • Level 2 service desk analysts resolve 90% of all issues remotely in 30 minutes or less
  • Convenient customer support portal
  • Immediate connection to a service engineer

Our Level 1 Service Desk Technicians are responsible for resolving any issues that take no more than 15 minutes, strengthening end-user productivity by helping them get back to work in as little time as possible. Omega Systems assigns each of our clients a dedicated Technical Account Management Team for advanced resolution, providing specialized solutions that leverage expertise and validated analytics to produce best-fit resolutions.

Managed IT services in Altoona, PA, provide your company with a competitive advantage, preventing factors such as downtime, loss of productivity, data loss, and more from harming your company infrastructure. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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