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Managed IT Services Manhattan, NY

Maybe the time has come that your IT department isn’t able to manage the scale your company needs to effectively protect its interests. It happens everywhere where there’s corporate growth and expansion. What worked for your cybersecurity measures and system performance at one time no longer fits the ticket for what you need now. Managed IT services in Manhattan, NY provide an invaluable service, establishing an essential support beam for your company to thrive on.

Managed IT Services Manhattan, NYIt might be as simple as adding an extra branch to your IT department, or it might be a full replacement of the IT infrastructure you already have. The expenses incurred over time when maintaining, growing, and supporting your own internal IT department can become exorbitant. Think of using Omega Systems as a shortcut to having extensive coverage for your entire network, leveraging pre-established resources, skills, and personnel able to work as a cohesive team for the greater good. The result: a high-performance team of dedicated individuals able to monitor, improve, and support your entire IT infrastructure.

Freeing Up Your Resources

As you continually work with your internal teams, you’re forced to allocate a large amount of your resources to ensure they’re able to effectively handle their workload. Presiding over a company’s IT infrastructure takes a stable budget, manpower, hardware, software, and more, and cutting costs impacts how your network performs.

The obvious problem here is with companies whose IT departments are no longer capable of providing the quality of service required to protect your systems. This can be for any number of reasons, but the important note here is that the efforts to scale up your IT teams to meet growth is untenable. Sourcing new hardware, hiring and training new employees, and expanding your IT department’s capabilities are all expensive solutions.

Working with a managed solutions provider like Omega Systems solves these issues with a cost-competitive approach. We have our own technology, fields of expertise, and extensive industry experience that waylays the need for your company to invest in those particular fields. As a result, the sheer amount of resources that would have otherwise been poured into empowering your IT department can be focused on your core business competencies.

Omega Systems offers a suite of managed IT solutions aimed at providing your company with top-quality industry standard services. These services include:

  • Smart Support
  • Smart Stor
  • Smart Secure
  • Service Desk Tech Support

Unilateral support means a stronger company. Not only are we able to cover the cybersecurity, storage, and infrastructure needs you might have, our dedicated IT teams are trained to handle any level of support with unbeatable customer service. Rapid response provided over the broad surface area of your company’s network, as well as a streamlined support desk to handle any ticket in as little time as possible, helps reduce downtime, increase employee satisfaction, improve productivity, and keep your company functioning like a well-oiled machine.

The Omega Difference is a dedication to quality services unmatched in the industry. We’ve made a commitment to integrity, including building our own tools and maintaining our own personal datacenter, all so we have full visibility and control over every aspect of our managed IT services in Manhattan, NY. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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