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Managed IT Services New Jersey

Outgrowing their own IT architecture is a common experience for companies. Unless you’ve planned well in advance, the natural progression of your infrastructure evolution will eventually lean toward an environment that becomes too massive for an under-equipped IT department to handle. Managed IT services in New Jersey are a fast, cost-effective solution for bolstering your flagging IT performance, either by enhancing your extant teams or by hiring an outsourcing company to completely take control of your IT needs, goals, and responsibilities. However, when you’re going that far, you want to be confident you’re choosing the right partner.

Managed IT Services New JerseyThe fact is that every company’s IT needs, wants, goals, and environments are products of a unique set of circumstances. That means solutions that may be seamlessly integrated with one company will be ill-fitting for yours, leading to decreased productivity and a reduced capacity to effectively handle, delegate, and devise best-fit solutions regularly. Omega Systems employs unique strategies, executed by industry-leading professionals backed by best-in-class technologies and resources, that illustrate the importance of having dedicated teams who possess both the capability and drive to take your business to the next level.

Unrivaled Support

Allowing a stranger to essentially be handed the keys to your company’s network infrastructure is, understandably, a bold and potentially wrong move in every case. Prioritize forming a working relationship with a well-established but reliable managed IT services company that is willing to invest in your company environment, learning your intricacies, policies, practices, and finer points as well your own in-house teams. Forming this level of intimacy with your infrastructure is a key feature of Omega Systems.

The Best Service Desk Tech Support Available

Omega Systems provides a dedicated Technical Account Management Team to each of our clients, streamlining tickets, requests, and incidents through an organized escalation structure. Our system is designed for fast, effective response times, routing technical issues based on their level of difficulty, complexity, and severity to an appropriate expert for immediate attention.

Let’s say, for example, two requests were being routed through our Service Desk Tech Support: one dealing with a computer that wouldn’t turn on and another with a complete shutdown of an entire system. As part of our Smart Response strategy, any issue that can take 15 or fewer minutes to fix is handled by our Level 1 Service Desk Technicians, resolving them quickly and efficiently. However, for more challenging tickets, our desk technicians then escalate the issue up the chain to your dedicated Technical Account Management Team for advanced resolution, ready and waiting to implement our change management process for optimal solution development and implementation.

By taking a proactive, positive, and seamlessly personal approach to IT support, our Service Desk Tech Support enables businesses to keep their operation running at top performance, reduce downtime, and enhance performance effectiveness and efficiency. The only way this is possible is because Omega Systems takes a personalized approach to managed IT services in New Jersey, allowing us to deliver unparalleled services at a fraction of the cost our competitors drive. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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