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Managed IT Services Rockville, MD

Company networks will not remain ironclad forever. Like all things, given time, use, and development, every IT infrastructure will eventually find inefficiencies in its design, vulnerabilities in its security parameters, and misaligned assets that hinder network integrity. The nature of development and innovation means that the rate of diminishing returns for both security solutions and cyberthreat sophistication grows has not yet reached its limits. What may be an effective cybersecurity program this year may be rendered ineffective next year.

Managed IT Services Rockville, MDWorking with the best managed IT services in Rockville, MD, ensures you’re paired with a company that continually improves your network preventative measures, maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape while investing in cutting-edge technology and techniques to protect your organization.

What Omega Systems brings to your security and cybersecurity infrastructure cannot be summed up in a single word. Our industry-leading, accredited engineers will learn the intricacies of your company operations, allowing us to leverage the latest innovations in technology and best practices to design, implement, and deploy specialized solutions geared to integrate with your systems seamlessly. Protecting your end-users while facilitating optimal organizational efficiency and streamlined communications begins and ends with the quality of your IT department.

Protection at Every Level of Your Infrastructure

Cybercriminals and hackers are an ever-present force interested in exploiting even the most minor of vulnerabilities on your network edge. Leveraging deep industry knowledge of the threat landscape, a broadened visibility across your network attack surface, and producing ideal security solutions designed with your unique framework in mind are core services provided by our highly skilled team members. We keep your network safe and accommodating for punitive, regulatory, audit, or business-specific compliances.

Our Smart Secure cybersecurity services offer option-based, tiered package solutions designed to protect your users, assets, and data from virtual threats. Every project is approached through our change management system, which enables our teams to comprehensively examine, analyze, and compare the pros and cons of every possible solution before arriving at the best fit for your company’s infrastructure, budget, and requirements. Our leading offerings include:

  • Multi-layered security built on a tiered platform
  • Best-in-class UTM (unified threat management) hardware
  • Local professional support 24/7
  • Vulnerability scanning and risk management
  • Customizable logging & reporting capabilities, including SIEM reporting

Simple or complex, we endeavor to provide the full value of our expertise without neglecting the human element. You want to know you’re collaborating with a real person with decades of expertise, real-world experience, training, and familiarity with your systems to deliver best-fit solutions.

Working with the Best

Omega Systems has partnered with Fortinet, enabling us to deliver the best technological solutions available in the industry directly from one of its largest security solutions manufacturers. In addition, we have on-staff a Fortinet NSE8 Engineer, one of less than 300 prestigious certified engineers with unrivaled expertise and an intimate understanding of Fortinet products. Not only do we offer greater network visibility with our custom-built SIEM tool, expanded protections for your network, and highly qualified IT support available 24/7, we have access to valuable resources no competitor in the area will hope to match.

At Omega Systems, we put passion, dependability, and efficiency on the line for every client and project we take on through our managed IT services in Rockville, MD. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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