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Managed IT Services Virginia

Data drives the modern business landscape. With how heavily daily business functions rely on all data being securely stored and available at all times, the amount of damage due to a catastrophic failure can cripple a company. In the event of data loss, either by natural phenomenon or human error, your company’s data needs a reliable backup in the form of a data center equipped to handle any eventuality. By choosing the right managed IT services in Virginia, you be able to support your network’s infrastructure through knowledgeable, familiar experts, and your data will receive quality treatment, protection, and redundant contingencies to ensure you’re never at risk of extended downtime.

Managed IT Services Virginia

Omega Systems possesses many qualities we’re proud of: industry-leading professionals on our staff, a Security and Compliance Officer available to all our clients, dedicated Technical Account Management Teams supported by world-class service desk technicians, an on-staff Fortinet NSE8 engineer, and finally, our own custom-built private data center. We offer services no other competitor can match, providing your company with a competitive edge at a cost-effective value.

Our Smart Stor Services

Emergencies are no excuse for losing access to your company data. No matter the event, no matter the scale, Omega Systems provides robust protective measures to keep your information safe while accelerating the recovery process. We understand how, so long as your systems are down, your company is hemorrhaging money. Getting you back on track as fast as possible with the proper safety net is imperative for keeping your business in the black.

Omega Systems’ Smart Stor remote online backup services are a customizable package offering designed to meet your business needs. Our option-based, tiered solution enables your teams to choose the best fit data protection plan for achieving your goals, helping you reduce overhead expenses while receiving optimal support. Even our least comprehensive plan ensures your company receives industry-leading service for safeguarding your data. Some of our primary features and benefits include:

  • Fast response
  • Encrypted and compressed data transmission
  • Image-based data replication
  • Customizable and scalable

A Private, Custom-Built Data Center

As we briefly mentioned before, Omega Systems set out to provide an exclusive data storage experience unmatched by our competitors. Accomplishing it meant constructing our own data center, placing sole ownership in our company’s hands, and allowing us to deliver personalized support for our clients without forcing them to share resources with other businesses.

Our SSAE 16 AT 101 SOC 2 Certified and Compliant private data center, the only one of its kind in the region, hosts our private cloud and features extensive security measures and backup redundancies in the event of human intervention or disaster scenarios. In addition to our private data center, we also employ a triple data center approach, leveraging multiple other backup centers to provide ample backup for worst-case scenarios safely. Our Smart Stor services guarantee all data is stored in a controlled, secure, and compliant environment in combination with a highly decorated and well-certified data center.

Losing even a fraction of your company’s data would have far-reaching consequences, both for your organization’s image and ROI. Utilizing the best managed IT services in Virginia leverages top-tier security measures and optimal backup strategies, keeping your network data protected in any event. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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