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Managed IT Services Washington DC

A company’s performance is defined by its ability to keep its operation running smoothly. Even minor inconveniences impact productivity momentum, from a slow program to complete server-wide shut down. Being able to effectively delegate IT support to handle every ticket that crosses your support desk with targeted rapid-response solutions can be challenging if you don’t have the right procedures in place. Leveraging managed IT services in Washington D.C. can pair your company with an outsourced IT support desk that’s able to appropriately address tickets while reducing costs, downtime, and security risks.

Managed IT Services Washington DCThe key ingredient is working with a company that’s able to seamlessly integrate with your current infrastructure. Every organization is built with its own unique infrastructure, including inherent processes, hierarchies, assets, resources, and more that distinguish them from their competition. Essentially, working with a company that simply assigns a random IT help desk team to your workforce can’t provide the type of quality services you need to maintain optimal performance. Omega Systems ensures you’re provided with an IT help desk that offers world-class support, including processing strategies for effectively handling any ticket in an appropriately timed fashion and dedicated IT teams to handle complex issues.

Unparalleled Quality Service

Most any company will talk up their game more than it’s worth. Their goal is to sell a service, not to guarantee tangible results and specialized solutions. That’s arguably one of the most defining attributes of Omega Systems’ managed IT services: authentic, demonstrated results. Our competition talks a big game, whereas we’ve partnered with hundreds of companies on thousands of projects to build better, stronger IT infrastructures through honest hard work.

It comes down to the people you’re working with. Our Service Desk Technicians are trained to offer unbeatable customer service, offering a friendly, familiar face for anyone reaching out to your IT help desk. Handling each case with expert care, each technician will be able to review and delegate each ticket, depending on how severe the problem is. Any issue that takes less than 15 minutes can be handled on the spot, helping your employees get back to work. However, any problem requiring a sufficiently complicated solution will be transferred to experts capable of handling it with care, speed, and efficiency.

Every partner is assigned their own dedicated Technical Account Management Team. These teams are comprised of Level 2 & 3 Engineers, each experts in their field, that diagnose, monitor, and resolve the more challenging tickets your employees might have. Our change management system ensures we make the best fit solutions. Rather than simply responding to requests, our teams examine and determine what the best solution would be that align with your goals, behaviors, and cybersecurity needs.

This streamlined process works because we approach every client with the same level of fervor, comprehensive learning, and passion it takes to learn how their company operates. Our technicians learn every part of how your company functions, including your infrastructure, applications, people, processes, and more. By understanding how your company operates as well as your own employees, we guarantee personalized services.

The easy, quick answers are rarely the ones your company needs. Our managed IT services in Washington D.C. take into account the best possible solutions tailored to your company’s environment. You need an IT help desk that provides proactive results, implementing seamless escalation that keeps your infrastructure at optimal functionality. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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