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Managed IT Services York, PA

More dangerous cyberthreats exist now than there have ever been since the dawn of the internet. Come tomorrow, it will be even more dangerous. Protecting your network, systems, and assets is an uphill battle, considering that malware, ransomware, hidden backdoor programs, and other cyber threats are designed to become increasingly sophisticated. Inconsequential vulnerabilities in your network that may not have been a concern last week could be easily exploited without your knowledge, especially if you didn’t know they existed in the first place. Getting the protection you need through managed IT services in York, PA, is the prudent solution for addressing the modern cyber threat landscape.

Managed IT Services York, PAYou need more than a small team keeping an eye on scrolling algorithms, hoping to pick up on an insight or two along the way. Compiling the necessary information that leads to actionable data reports, combined with the experts capable of leveraging that data to its full value, is what your network needs to gain a competitive advantage. Omega Systems utilizes custom-built SIEM tools and Live Time Dashboards to access real-time analytics essential for strengthening your hardware protection, maintaining compliance, or meeting business objectives with ease.

Using Omega Systems’ Smart Secure Services

There are no aspects of your network that cannot provide crucial insights into your company’s network, whether that information be traffic frequency, inefficiencies, or vulnerabilities within your system that need add remediation. The problem is that network infrastructures are vast and composed of numerous technologies, devices, assets, programs, algorithms, and related components.

That doesn’t mean that you give up on improving your system, gaining a better understanding of what data passes through it, and how best to utilize it for growth and preventative cybersecurity measures. What you need are teams with the expertise and technologies capable of accounting for everything happening in, on, and around your network and form initiatives, reports, and solutions from them. Our Smart Secure services provide personalized IT support that grows alongside your business, ensuring you’re always afforded world-class protection from industry-leading teams.

Our Custom-Built SIEM Tool

Most other companies will rebrand third-party apps to procure and process the log data generated through your network. That doesn’t cut it for us at Omega Systems. By creating our own SIEM tool capable of using robust log analytics and monitoring tools to categorize real-time reporting and alerting, you’ll have access to fresh, relevant threat data based on what has occurred in your network that day, allowing you to mitigate cyberattacks, identify security incident root causes, monitor activity, and implement preventative measures efficiently. Since we built it ourselves, our teams have an unrivaled understanding of how our SIEM tool works and how to best use it.

Live Time Dashboards

The issue with all the log data being generated on your network is that it becomes overwhelming. With so many insights and data being processed, most of it gets thrown out since there is no easy way to separate what is useful from what is not. With our Live Time Dashboards, that data is visually interpreted in real-time, equipping your teams with vital knowledge needed to inform decision-making processes while implementing effective monitoring measures and maintaining high network performance.

With the help of Omega Systems’ managed IT services in York, PA, your company will be well prepared to handle anything that comes its way. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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