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Network Operations Center Escalation

Think of your NOC help desk like a funnel. Every day, new requests, tickets, and complaints are introduced to your operators, each of which requires immediate resolution, or overall productivity will be disrupted. These issues range from negligible to severe, and without any training to differentiate between them, your operations hit a nosedive. Help desk technicians do not have their workflows optimized if they’re the only ones handling every call. Network operations center escalation is essential for not only giving your desk technicians the level of organization they need to thrive, but it ensures company functionality can return to clockwork efficacy.

Network Operations Center EscalationNot every ticket deserves or needs the highest level of expert attention from resolution teams. Doing so is a gross misallocation of resources. Time spent determining why someone’s computer isn’t turning on could be instead focused on severe issues that actively impede the productivity of your workforce as a whole. Network disruptions, internet outages, database inaccessibility, and other priority requests need advanced resolution, while front desk technicians can handle minor road bumps. Omega Systems’ greatest triumph is dedicated support for implementing effective escalation services as a cost-competitive value. Our NOC services keep your network operating at peak efficiency, minimizing downtime for optimal productivity.

Why Is Escalation Important?

The primary goal of NOC is to resolve any tickets in the shortest amount of time possible. Given the level of network and personnel traffic that runs through your NOC help desk daily, there’s no feasible way for front desk technicians to adequately address every incident with appropriate measures while keeping your network operating at its regular pace. It’s overwhelming to ask of them, especially if they aren’t trained to handle advanced resolution for complex issues.

Omega Systems augments your company’s IT infrastructure with dedicated teams specifically organized to keep operations running with minimal downtime. That requires delegation, starting with our NOC help desk technicians with the opportunity for escalation to Technical Account Management Teams assigned to your organization. Severe requests can be handled by Level 2 & 3 Engineer teams, while minor requests can be resolved within 15 minutes by a Level 1 Service Desk Technician.

Advantages of Omega Systems’ NOC Services

First and foremost, you’ll always have an on-call team available to keep your operations running around the clock. Your network will not run on the same schedule as your 9-5 teams, which makes readily available experts resolve challenges on a 24/7 notice reduces the risk of downtime, exsanguinating costs, and ongoing network inefficiencies.

However, you’ll have access to greater value thanks to our proactive support strategies. For optimal care and constructive, personalized solutions, our rapid-response approach is designed to offer:

  • Proactive Communication
  • Dedicated Collaboration
  • Infrastructure Familiarity
  • Escalation Protocols

Our change management system plays a huge role in finding that perfect fit for your needs. Rather than take the obvious first solution, our teams weigh the potential risks of every request, and after careful consideration, opt for the best possible strategy to fulfill your request. The result is the total value of our expertise, analytics, and experience that implement valuable adjustments for forward-moving solutions.

There’s nothing more you could hope for from high-value network operations center escalation services. Omega Systems’ industry-leading teams are available at your request for full network support at a moment’s notice at cost-competitive prices. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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