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Network Performance & Security Monitoring

Imagine if you could see your business as it works – from the inside out. You could track every network interaction, understand how each process works, and detect any hiccup before it becomes a problem. Network performance and security monitoring give you that view. By constantly tracking your network activity, you can quickly identify issues and fix them, protecting your data, your customers, and your infrastructural integrity. With the right tools in place, you can keep your business running smoothly no matter what comes its way.

Network Performance & Security MonitoringMonitoring your network infrastructure is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. Downtime can cost you money, damage your reputation, and lead to frustrated customers. Outsourcing your security monitoring services to Omega Systems lays the groundwork to mitigate risk to your systems and optimize your overall network performance. Without a clear image of your infrastructure, making informed decisions to identify and resolve potential problems before they cause disruptions is a fool’s errand. The tools, strategies, and training we use to broaden network visibility and keep tabs on vulnerabilities across your attack surface are essential for meeting business goals. We’re there to track key performance indicators and quickly spot trends or anomalies, providing 24/7 support whenever you need it. You deserve to leave the care and safety of your network in good, qualified hands.

Leveraging Real-Time Threat Analytics

An unprepared cybersecurity program is entirely reactionary in purpose. While preventative measures can be placed in advance, any response to an incident tends to be too slow to provide much in the way of meaningful remediation services to the affected areas. The efficiency of your network performance and security depends on utilizing the most recent data, traffic, and logs to identify and resolve threats as they’re occurring before they can do further harm to your infrastructure.

Many of your monitoring solutions operate on outdated data, keeping tabs on network performance issues and security breaches that occur minutes, hours, or days in the past, long after they’ve run their course. You might be able to learn from these incidents retroactively, but that information does you no good in the immediate. Therefore, your organization needs access to our custom-built SIEM tool exclusively available through an Omega Systems partnership.

Building Quality Resources from Scratch

As any network administrator knows, visibility is key to keeping your network running smoothly. Without visibility, it’s impossible to identify potential issues or bottlenecks and fix them before they cause problems. Omega Systems, to deliver a magnitude of quality service greater than our competitors, built our own SIEM tool, allowing us to see what’s happening across your network in real-time. Everything you see is fresh, actionable, and refreshed daily, so you’re never working with stale analytics. It collects data from all your devices and appliances and organizes it into a central database. This gives you a comprehensive view of your network, allowing you to optimize network performance and keep better tabs on your security stature.

Since we built it ourselves, our teams have a greater level of familiarity and expertise with our SIEM tool than is commonly found through traditional monitoring services. Many companies use a third-party tool, a convenient but underwhelming solution in terms of deliverables and efficiency. Suffice it to say; we know our way around our tools.

Regarding network performance and security monitoring, Omega Systems offers more than our competitors can. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us on our website for a consultation.

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