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NOC Service Providers Lancaster, PA

The efficiency of your network determines the success of your organization. While that statement is true for most aspects of your infrastructure, nearly every part of your daily processes depends on a reliable, responsive network to handle the traffic and connect your employees with the resources and channels they need to succeed. Keeping your operations running smoothly depends on the quality of your Network Operations Center (NOC), a hub of communication, resolution, and escalation to keep things on track. While you may be able to support your own private NOC, partnering with an established NOC service provider in Lancaster, PA, provides many organizations with a Network Operations Center with a pre-established structure, escalation system, and dedicated team to grow your company.

NOC Service Providers Lancaster, PAThe costs associated with developing your NOC on your available resources, tools, and budget can be staggering. However, a barely functional NOC, or simply not having one at all, will drastically affect how effectively your workforce can focus on business-critical projects and applications with minimal interruptions. Omega Systems provides an invaluable outsourced service for companies seeking to lower their overall expenditures without sacrificing the benefits available through a fully staffed and trained Network Operations Center.

What’s Included in Smart Response Service Packages

Your company may need extensive monitoring and reporting services to keep your teams and decision-makers informed about what’s happening across your network. Maybe you already have that covered and need dedicated teams to help quickly resolve issues within your network to keep workflow streamlined and uninterrupted. Whatever you need, Omega Systems can provide a Smart Response customized service package fitted to address precisely what you need without forcing you to pay for extra unnecessary features.

NOC and NOC+

Our NOC services provide a comprehensive platform for monitoring, alerting, and priority investigations across your network. We understand that network monitoring is more than just keeping an eye on what’s happening within your network; it also includes maintaining a pulse on every application, device, tool, and resource within your infrastructure for a thorough evaluation. The features available through our NOC services include:

  • NOC
    • Monitoring
    • Basic Alert Reports
  • NOC+
    • Priority 1 Response

With the end goal of improving performance, security, and visibility, Omega Systems goes above and beyond what our competition offers for NOC services.

Escalation and Escalation+

Once something has gone wrong and is actively impeding your workers’ ability to continue being productive, resolving the issues as soon as possible with articulated and effective solutions is pivotal. While NOC services are meant to keep your teams apprised of the latest real-time information, our Escalation services provide more in-depth technical support. Our Escalation services pair your organization with a trained Service Desk Technician and a dedicated Technical Account Management Team for responsive and customized IT solutions. The features available through our Escalation and Escalation+ services include:

  • Escalation
    • Level 1 Triage & Resolve
    • WAN/Internet Connectivity Triage with ISP
    • Escalation to On-site Resources
    • Customized Escalation Matrix
    • Monthly Reports
  • Escalation+
    • Level 1 & 2 Triage & Resolve
    • WAN/Internet Connectivity Triage with ISP & Remote Resolution

Any amount of downtime poses a fatal risk to your company’s bottom line. Whether it’s because you didn’t have the real-time data reports needed to make the right decisions or a skilled team of industry professionals to help resolve your issues, you can’t afford to leave your organization in the lurch when you have a cost-effective NOC service provider in Lancaster, PA available. Call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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