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NOC Service Providers Norfolk, VA

One of the most important things a business can do is ensure they are working with NOC service providers in Norfolk, VA. A NOC service provider can help monitor and manage your networks, systems, and security as an extension to your current infrastructure. By doing so, businesses can save time and money while ensuring their infrastructure is safe and secure. The number of benefits a NOC service provider can offer your organization is staggering, leading more and more businesses to opt for a worthwhile partnership that allows them to overcome stagnation through the application of responsive, personalized solutions.

NOC Service Providers Norfolk, VA

Omega Systems’ approach doesn’t simply take your technical environment for granted. Every company’s architecture is unique, demanding specialized attention to ensure every solution aligns with your infrastructure to produce tangible, long-lasting results. A hands-off NOC system does your company no good, considering any generalized solution deployed by our teams wouldn’t resolve any issues to the extent they need for continued productivity and performance. We take the necessary steps to familiarize our NOC desk teams with your network environment, allowing them to make informed decisions designed with your needs, restrictions, and network health.

What’s Involved in Our Escalation Process?

A portion of our Smart Response service, aside from our invaluable NOC expertise and support, is dedicated to providing expert escalation solutions for your organization’s efficiency and workflow. While NOC serves to provide comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and priority response, our escalation service packages offer a more hands-on approach to keeping your network functioning as intended with minimal interruptions, downtime, and infrastructural damage.

Consider the size of your current workforce. The IT field is known for its imperfections – computers malfunction, applications crash, and progress is lost due to unforeseen complications. Any time this happens, your employees will call IT support to provide immediate resolution. But suppose this is happening to multiple employees at the same time. In that case, your support systems can get backed up, slowing productivity and dragging the resolution process on longer than it should.

Our solution to resolve this is deliberate and carefully designed to streamline the IT support process for rapid and appropriate resolution. Starting with a Service Desk, every ticket is received by one of our Level 1 Service Desk Technicians. From there, they will determine whether that ticket can be resolved within 15 minutes. If it can be, the Service Desk Technician will work with your employee to quickly resolve their issue. However, if it takes longer, the ticket will be escalated to your dedicated Technical Account Management Team.

This TAM team is comprised of Level 2 & 3 Service Desk Engineers and team leads who are highly qualified in providing triage services. Each qualified to address even the most severe of incidents, our streamlined approach ensures that every ticket receives the appropriate level of attention, care, and detail needed to streamline the IT support process without drawing out every ticket.

In addition to our streamlined approach, we also implement a change management system to ensure our solutions are designed for the best possible results. By carefully weighing the pros and cons of each solution, rather than just responding with the first solution that comes to mind, each ticket is resolved with long-lasting effects rather than a temporary patch.

You deserve to work with a NOC service provider in Norfolk, VA, that goes above and beyond. If you’re interested in a partnership with Omega Systems, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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