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NOC Service Providers Philadelphia, PA

Finding the resources, personnel, and budget to keep your network running smoothly isn’t in the books for every company, which is why NOC service providers in Philadelphia, PA, such as Omega Systems, are so highly valued. Rather than curate your own NOC department, you can instead partner with a qualified outsourced party to keep your systems running as smoothly as possible.

NOC Service Providers Philadelphia, PAWe provide NOC services specializing in delivering custom-fit solutions based on industry expertise and in-depth familiarity with your IT infrastructure. To accomplish that, we leverage cutting-edge, custom-built tools that enable our teams to implement proactive change management-based strategies ideal for rapid-response resolution, enhanced network visibility, and greater end-user productivity.

Companies live and die on information. Knowing where your network experiences the most trouble and learning how to address it in a timely, responsive fashion can’t be achieved without technologies capable of compiling and processing massive amounts of information taken from every aspect of your network. Hardware, channels, devices, and more generate activity information, and data logging that information into actionable material is an obstacle many companies aren’t fit to address.

Real-Time Information as a Competitive Edge

You can only treat the problems you know. You won’t know unless you have an active feed cataloging and compiling real-time data from across your entire network, using information generated by your devices to influence network decisions, remediation tactics, and optimization efforts. SIEM tools serve as an essential measure in giving NOC teams the upper hand in identifying changes in your systems, setting up comprehensive monitoring and reporting algorithms to measure, track, and record activity across your attack surface.

Proactive security strategies are borne from properly informed IT departments. The issue with many other NOC departments, either internally built or externally sourced, is that they use third-party software to get their results. Any SIEM tool does the job just fine, but teams lack the innate familiarity they need to leverage the full value of the tool properly. Working with Omega Systems provides a feasible alternative because we have something most other NOC service providers don’t: a custom-built SIEM tool.

Our Technical Account Management Teams and NOC Help Desk Technicians are equipped with a technology they have unmatched familiarity with, offering more significant insights through knowledgeable interactions. Our SIEM tool prepares “glance-and-know” alert reports, keeping your teams in the loop on all real-time network data as it is generated. This invaluable information helps justify network decisions, analyze the functional capabilities of devices, and keep your business secure.

All information is data logged and organized into understandable reports that highlight salient, relevant activity, offering powerful insights into your environment for optimizing your infrastructure and implementing meaningful changes. It also provides our NOC teams with an intimate understanding of how your systems function, streamlining remediation policies for active, rapid-response resolutions.

Processing and analyzing all the data generated through your network is time-consuming and restrictive without the dedicated tools purposefully created to give your teams an edge. Every aspect of your network can be effectively monitored and protected with the assistance of Omega Systems as your NOC service provider in Philadelphia, PA. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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