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NOC Service Providers Washington D.C.

One of the engines of modern network management, maintenance, and security is real-time data. Historically, before the advent of new technologies equipped to handle the fast-paced environment most networks live under, decisions and remediations were reactive instead of proactive. With no established method for translating network activity into actionable insights, the rate at which IT departments would manage their infrastructure depended on information that was, at best, outdated by the times it made it into their hands. With real-time data, the right NOC service providers in Washington D.C., such as Omega Systems, can immediately have the correct information in the proper context, compiled into high-value reports highlighting critical aspects of network activity.

NOC Service Providers Washington D.C.Enlightened NOC services lead to streamlined processes for your company, resulting in better end-user productivity with negligible downtime impacting performance. Omega Systems takes pride in our alerting and reporting tools, adding extra value in ways that matter. With “glance-and-know” SIEM alerting and reporting, your company receives the value of insightful recommendations based on the most accurate reflection of your IT environment. Our teams go above and beyond to provide tailored solutions as fast as possible, utilizing the latest data through a change management system that ensures you’re receiving the total value of our NOC teams’ expertise, experience, and familiarity with your architecture, systems, processes, and policies.

How Our NOC Strategy Works

The keywords to look for here are efficiency and streamlining. Every day, massive amounts of data are generated throughout your network. Finding a workable method for analyzing the sheer amount of information routinely picked up through network monitoring is challenging on its own, but separating viable insights from junk data has to be considered as well. Lacking those methods means your NOC services won’t be able to accurately and appropriately resolve daily tickets and requests, ultimately dragging down productivity while your network runs at suboptimal performance.

Our NOC services are a round-the-cloud customizable solution for extending your network visibility, increasing your technical support efficiencies, and strengthening end-user productivity.

Rapid-Response Solutions

One of our Level 1 Service Desk Technicians receives every ticket request, providing a human voice for each call. These experts are trained and familiarized with your network environment, allowing them to make informed judgments and resolutions based on what your architecture needs in tandem with IT best practices. These solutions are provided within 15 minutes or less, keeping workday momentum flowing and allowing employees to focus on their work with minimal interruptions.

Escalation Protocols

Not every ticket will be resolved in 15 minutes. Our Service Desk Technicians will escalate the ticket to your company’s dedicated Technical Account Management Team for issues that require advanced resolution. Each TAM team comprises Level 2 & 3 Engineers, each possessing industry-leading experience, expertise, and intimate familiarity with your systems. From there, our teams track and map end-user behaviors and issues to propose justified and valuable solution modifications for optimal effect.

Change Management System

The right solution won’t always be the first one discussed. Our TAM teams don’t implement the first solution suggested; instead, they diagnose the issue to thoroughly weigh each request’s potential risks and benefits to implement superior strategies. A careful, educated approach to problem resolutions results in better changes that optimize company performance, productivity, and efficiency.

Omega Systems is a NOC service provider in Washington D.C. that embraces passion and authenticity. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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