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Outsourced IT Help Desk Philadelphia, PA2021-03-25T12:25:58-04:00

Outsourced IT Help Desk Philadelphia, PA

Outsourcing IT help desks in Philadelphia, PA always has a certain level of uncertainty associated with it. Outsourcing is an invaluable practice, allowing you to take a cost-effective solution for augmenting your company’s capabilities without having to train new employees from the ground up. However, there can be risks that the services you’re receiving aren’t provided with the integrity and quality you’re expecting. Essentially, you want to know that, when you outsource services from another company, you’re receiving the dedicated support from that company rather than more third-party delegating.

Outsourced IT Help Desk Philadelphia, PA

Omega Systems has a reputation of excellence in personalized IT support that begins with our dedication to providing services that stand at the top of the field. That means everything we provide is completely in-house, including no further outsourcing to third-parties that can’t be held accountable. We take pride in our rapid-response service, allowing us to provide a level of specialized support that can only be accomplished by ensuring every service we provide comes directly from us.

Smart Response Escalation Services

So, what makes it such a strong guarantee that you’re being provided with bona fide Omega Systems IT help desk support? The answer is surprisingly straightforward: commitment. With every client, Omega Systems signs a contract that enables us to provide you with the highest quality services, a feat that can’t be maintained if we don’t employ technicians and engineers who don’t understand how your company works.

Your company’s infrastructure is a complex network of dozens of applications, processes, and levels of expertise shared between your personnel that make generic solutions untenable. While our service desk may be more than capable of handling any easily resolvable issue within 15 minutes, as soon as things get complex, you’ll need the dedicated attention of a TAM Team that holistically understands the intricacies of your company infrastructure and environment.

Our Smart Response Escalation Services is a strategically designed system to fast track ticket requests to their appropriate priority level. Our Level 2 Service Desk Technicians are capable of handling most common issues, but anything that would take longer than 15 minutes is immediately escalated to your company’s dedicated Technical Account Management Team. They will then take the time to appropriately remediate any issues while keeping your IT teams informed with details, logs, and reports in the event of a serious incident.

Our proactive, rapid-response structure helps keep your teams productive and free of downtime, keeping your daily momentum moving unimpeded. Our IT support features several benefits, including:

  • Reduced support costs or revenue losses
  • Improved incident response time
  • Set communication expectations during incidents
  • Prioritized IT needs

Our Change Management System

If you wanted a service desk to fix every problem with a half-baked solution, there are dozens of cheap options on the market. When you work with Omega Systems, you’re paying for expertise that applies to every solution we provide. Our change management system ensures that every request we receive is handled with an attention to detail and care that extends beyond what our competition offers. The first answer isn’t always the best one, which is why our teams routinely examine, weigh potential risks, and plan better strategies to reach an optimized solution for your company.

Your business deserves a quality outsourced IT help desk in Philadelphia, PA from a company that becomes as intimate with your infrastructure as your own employees. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.