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Private Cloud Infrastructure Hosting Bethlehem, PA2021-12-31T12:54:07-05:00

Private Cloud Infrastructure Hosting Bethlehem, PA

Autonomy is a concept often sought after with little regard for how it’ll affect your business. Unilateral control over every company asset, from your applications to your cloud infrastructure, can result in tunnel vision that restricts a broader perspective. Pursuing this level of complete authority is admirable, but working towards that goal can lead to reducing growth capacities in other areas that deserve just as much attention to ensure your environment as a whole thrives and scales with your growth. Sometimes, the best option isn’t to host your own in-house IT environment but to invest in private cloud infrastructure hosting in Bethlehem, PA, to serve as a cost-effective, manageable solution.

Private Cloud Infrastructure Hosting Bethlehem, PAConsider the resources you’d need to invest in to build and maintain your in-house IT environment. Maintenance fees, hardware, software, physical space, assessments, security, and so on pile up to an overwhelming degree. There’s minimal incentive to sustain your network alone if your company is incapable of handling the financial and technical strain in the process. Omega Systems is here to offer a compromise. Our IaaS services are designed to provide your company with all the benefits the cloud offers without forcing you to give up any level of control over your data and infrastructure. We’re here to support your endeavors with powerful platform hosting, expert IT support service, and customizable solutions to fit your unique needs.

Enabling Your Company to Focus on What Matters

Significant financial investments need to be made to sustain an in-house IT environment. Your data must be secure, and depreciating hardware needs to be maintained, repaired, and replaced at irregular intervals. This is a huge liability for your company’s bottom line, cutting into profits and distracting attention from other aspects of your company that deserve financial and technical support.

Omega Systems’ Smart Host service alleviates the strain of unpredictable IT environment care and development. Our pre-established data center and private cloud hosting offerings ensure that you don’t need to make investments into building a functioning, effective cloud platform. We have that covered for you, including numerous key support benefits that optimize network performance, provide flexible capabilities, and make management intuitive and straightforward. A few cornerstone features of Smart Host include:

  • Dedicated support team
  • Tier 1 hardware
  • Proactive, evolving security
  • Optimum availability and functionality
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Scalability

Omega Systems is a partner that prioritizes enablement, productivity, and security through customizable service packages. With our support services and top-ranked data center, growth is both feasible and affordable. What’s most important is that you’re still in control of your company’s faculties.

Backup for Disaster Scenarios

There will always be the risk where every contingency fails, resulting in massive downtime and data loss due to hackers, natural disasters, power loss, or other catastrophic events. Our SSAE 16 AT 101 SOC 2-certified data center is built to withstand any occurrence. Furthermore, Omega Systems utilizes a triple data center approach, using redundant backup data centers to routinely store and contain the latest version of your IT environment. Even if our primary facility fails, our off-site and out-of-state centers will ensure you don’t lose any valuable data and minimize downtime.

When Omega Systems offers private cloud infrastructure hosting in Bethlehem, PA, we endeavor to ensure our services go above and beyond our competitors’ offers. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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