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Real-Time Cyber Security Threat Analytics

Access to real-time cybersecurity threat analytics is one of the most potent motivators for proactive, efficient threat remediation and incursion prevention. The utilization of real-time data provides priority warning for rapid-response security policies, reducing the success rate of viral assaults by a considerable margin. Your business needs night and day protection in a way that matters, enabling your cybersecurity to take fast, immediate action for protecting your data, systems, and every asset in your network from a potentially catastrophic breach.

Real-Time Cyber Security Threat AnalyticsThe data contained within your network is sensitive, valuable, and among your most important responsibilities to handle for the sake of your clients and your reputation. Omega Systems provides the means to implement network-wide preventative measures, leveraging real-time data to identify threats and vulnerabilities, contain incidents, and safeguard network access from hackers and other cybercriminals.

The primary issue your security teams have to contend with is processing massive amounts of data continually produced through daily network activity. Not only can Omega Systems provide services primed to articulate and prioritize high-value information, but our threat analytics are also designed to identify more criteria that can be used to improve your security parameters. They include tracking trends, patterns, vulnerabilities in your system and centralizing data for visual, user-friendly usage.

Security at Your Fingertips

Here at Omega Systems, we know just how valuable information is for protecting your infrastructure. We also know that many threat analytic solutions on the market tend to be third-party applications, falling short of what your company needs to accurately, clearly, and intuitively grasp the state of your network environment.

Compiling network activity data, threat analytics, and other forms of log data into a single report does your team no good if the information is indecipherable. To handle that, Omega Systems created our own custom SIEM tool, bringing a live time dashboard that helps visualize and contextualize threat analytics into actionable reports to your teams.

We created our SIEM tool with the user in mind, ensuring each company can modify and customize your dashboard to your specifications. Brought together to a single screen, all data from every corner of your company’s network infrastructure is accessible in real-time, enabling a faster, more effective response to any incident. Our goal is to empower companies to effectively protect their interests, minimize risk, and maintain compliance for a better, safer environment.

Productivity as a Focus

Optimization of a company’s cybersecurity policy extends beyond data protection. Our live time dashboards are equipped with broad skillsets for handling your company’s infrastructure, including identifying potential risks that may impact your company’s productivity. Staying informed keeps your company ahead of the curve, ensuring you can track and fix system issues before they impact your user base.

Every company is bound to contend with a wide variety of cyber threats throughout their lifecycle, each leaving a different impact on the integrity and performance of your company network. Omega Systems provides organizations with a competitive edge against incursions and threats, providing daily updated threat analytics that are fresh and relevant, keeping your teams on their toes and apprised of the latest occurrences in your network.

Real-time cybersecurity threat analytics are instrumental for constructing an effective, efficient, and most importantly, safe company infrastructure. Enabling teams to have the best insights generated through priority-based reports focusing on relevant, up-to-date analytics ensures that your network will proactively adapt to even the latest cyberthreats. If you’re interested in a partnership with Omega Systems, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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