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SIEM Solutions

It’s common practice to believe that the more information you have, the better. While true in the broad sense, in application many companies struggle with translating the massive amounts of data they receive into actionable material. All those numbers, graphs, and charts hardly mean anything if they don’t provide a clear, illustrated image of what’s actually occurring within your company. Providing insight through valuable SIEM solutions means providing an effective means of delivering relevant intel into the hands of the people who can use it.

SIEM SolutionsWith most SIEM tools you encounter, nearly all that log data is rendered useless by third-party tools. There’s very little oversight and responsibility in the process, as most of what is sieved out of your system is shipped off to an auditor before anything meaningful is gleaned from it. Omega Systems takes a different approach to this predicament: we built our own SIEM tool.

When the market is swamped with third-party tools, there’s no way to guarantee that what you’re paying for will exceed or even reach your expectations for implementing log data as a resource for improving your network. By taking ownership of our tool, building it from the ground up, we made for ourselves the distinct advantage of having an SIEM tool that processes massive amounts of information… and then delivers tangible results from it.

Delivering Practical Results

SIEM tools, at their best effectiveness, are valuable tools integral to defending your network infrastructure from any variety of attack while simultaneously informing your interior teams on user activity and logins. The vital aspect of understanding where your root causes of incidents and attacks occur helps your teams leverage data to better secure and bolster your network security parameters against future incidents.

Identification must happen before any active adjustments can be made. Our SIEM tools provide you with all the insights you need in your environment, including:

  • User behavior
  • Network anomalies
  • System downtime
  • Policy violations
  • Internal threats

Provided with enough raw data about the current state of your infrastructure, especially how users interact with it and where root issues arise, your teams can take proactive measures regarding how to best prevent data breaches and cyberattacks before they become an issue. However, as we made abundantly clear, the trouble plaguing SIEM solutions is retrieving that information in a digestible form.

Quick-View Alerts and Reporting

Rather than throw massive walls of raw data at your IT administrators, we designed our SIEM tools to process and systematically report the most relevant information for your convenience. Our robust analytic tools essentially provide you with daily updated reports, keeping your IT teams constantly updated on the most recent events within your network.

However you prefer to receive your data, we can deliver. Customization is imperative for assigning your company the level of control it desires over indexed log data. However you want to graphically render them, what data is most vital to your organization, and how intuitively that information can be integrated into your system is a resource that can be exclusively leveraged by your teams however you see fit.

Helping your company find the right SIEM solutions is why we built our own SIEM tool in the first place. It speaks to a higher degree of quality and authority than you’d be able to find anywhere else. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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