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SOC-As-A-Service Providers

SOC security professionals are responsible for fulfilling critical obligations within your company ecosphere. Protecting your data is essential, and a common belief is that implementing extensive security parameters, policies, and programs is the most efficient method for guaranteeing safety in the face of a hostile digital landscape. While that is not necessarily wrong, there’s an important distinction to be made between prevention and detection.

SOC-As-A-Service ProvidersPrevention is important, but as cyberthreats have evolved in complexity and sophistication, many of their techniques have grown to rely on flying under the radar until it’s too late for your security department to remediate the threat effectively. Knowing your security posture and identifying threats as quickly as possible leads many companies to enlist the services of SOC-as-a-Service providers for advanced protection.

Information dictates the flow of power and security in any space. In a digital environment, that’s more apparent considering how rapidly the cyberthreat landscape has grown to accommodate a continual power-scaling dynamic with companies.

Unmitigated access to your company’s sensitive information not only puts thousands to millions at risk but also sullies your reputation within the market while damaging your infrastructure. A basic incursion can have disastrous effects – what would happen if a major one occurred? Omega Systems offers advanced SOC services to keep your network monitoring programs operating 24/7 at peak efficiency. With our assistance, achieving complete visibility across your entire attack surface is both feasible and affordable.

Our Tools of the Trade

The wealth of experience and deep-industry knowledge available through our security specialists only goes so far as they’re able to wield it. SOC tools give our professionals the capabilities they need to accurately and effectively track the activity on your network, divining actionable intel for detecting incursions before they harm your systems. By extension, the quality of the tools impacts how well our professionals do their work, which is why we took the time and effort to create our own custom-built solutions.

Custom-Built SIEM Tools

Companies that use third-party SIEM tools are naturally not going to be quite as well-rounded in their usage as they could. That’s where a SIEM tool built in-house becomes invaluable: no one has a better understanding of how it works than our teams. Our SOC security specialists can leverage real-time information from system events across your network, procuring massive amounts of raw source material that can then be mined for deeper insights into suspicious activity.

In combination with customized SIEM reporting and alerting, threat intelligence employs greater visibility into your network environment for faster response times and better threat identification. You need to know what you’re working with. A thorough understanding of the threat and how it might affect your systems enables proactive security remediation policies to mitigate cyberattacks and minimize potential damage.

There’s a lot of data that is created daily within your network. Our SIEM tool analyzes, categorizes, and compiles all that data into daily updated threat analytics, producing reports highlighting only the most relevant insights. A few of the ways this information can be presented includes:

  • Brute Force Login Detection
  • File Backups
  • Windows Audit Policy Change
  • Network Threat Feed
  • Security Group Deletion
  • Privileged Logins
  • Active Directory Changes
  • File Access, Deletion, or Denial
  • Server Logins
  • Failed or Interactive Logins

You’ll only receive this kind of security treatment from a SOC-as-a-Service provider that genuinely has your company’s success and security in mind. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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