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Virtual Information Security Officer

A secure cybersecurity department is not determined by technology alone. A huge part of securing your network derives from how your employees handle their security measures, determined by policies, techniques, and strategies for safeguarding your infrastructure, data, and users. That means taking a proactive approach to generating innovative solutions designed to optimize your current cybersecurity program for contending with incursions, maintaining compliance with regulatory audits, and keeping a competitive edge over your competition. It’s a responsibility that’s a full-time job, where a dedicated Virtual Information Security Officer can make all the difference.

Virtual Information Security OfficerPolicy development, strategic security planning, and training your teams on comprehensive security measures isn’t a job you can pawn off on a manager and expect decent results. You need an expert with deep industry knowledge to:

  • Help build your cybersecurity program
  • Implement ongoing policy updates
  • Provide security awareness training
  • Communicate expectations
  • Determine employee roles
  • Assist with security compliance

Omega Systems has on-staff Virtual Information Security Officers to support your company’s security aspirations. With our help, your company will have an on-call expert providing actionable guidance for ensuring your informational assets, technologies, and infrastructure are safe from harm.

Resolve Fundamental Infrastructure Problems

Your company may, eventually, reach a point where you feel like you’re up a creek without a paddle. Whatever you try, your efforts to innovate security procedures fall short of expectations, your productivity falters due to an unoptimized network infrastructure, and the cost of adopting piecemeal solutions is building up. Fundamentally, what you’re lacking is the level of knowledge needed to understand what needs changing and how best to implement those changes.

A Virtual Information Security Officer, like our available Security and Compliance Officer, provides an essential service for answering nearly any question you might have about your company’s security maturity and development. Are your extant preventative measures sufficient for weathering a credible cyberattack? Are there inefficiencies in your workplaces? Are your security policies outdated? Any thorough examination of your security infrastructure is bound to uncover issues with your cybersecurity program that you didn’t even know about.

Failing to pass an audit leaves a black mark on your record. Failing to be proactive about your security measures until after an incident leaves you vulnerable. Leveraging the skills and knowledge base of a capable Virtual Information Security Officer provides your company with leeway to address shortcomings in your security architecture before they become an issue, thereby having long-ranging effects such as a safer work environment, improved productivity, better connectivity, and lower associated costs. Our Security and Compliance Officer provides strategic and professional services including:

  • Providing per-examination and IT audit consultations
  • Answering IT-related questionnaires for third-party regulatory agencies
  • Assisting with on-site or remote participation during the audit process
  • Prioritizing recommendations for remediation and enhancements based on audit deficiencies
  • Implementing remediation and enhancements from audit findings when necessary
  • Continuous awareness of changing audit criteria to maintain compliance

Omega Systems is there to work with your internal teams to build a company you’re proud of. Investing in security infrastructure ensures that not only will your data be safe, your company will be able to retain and build its reputation. No front page data breaches, no leaked personal information, and no massive cyberattacks damaging your systems and databases. The right Virtual Information Security Officer is essential for evolving, updating, and innovating your cybersecurity program from the ground up. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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