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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services

Ignorance is not a factor that can be embraced in the IT industry. Taking charge of the state of your cybersecurity parameters is as much for the benefit of your clients as it is for the integrity of your company. Without understanding where your flaws are, how can you hope to instill confidence with your customers? The threat of having your data stolen and infrastructure damaged by malware attacks is a constant threat that must be taken seriously. Leveraging cybersecurity risk assessment services ensures you’re given the clearest level of visibility into the nature of your security parameters.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment ServicesYou may feel like you’re safe, but the trouble with cyberthreats is their tenacity. As the digital landscape marches onward, the sophistication of malware and viral attacks grows in tandem. Sooner or later, if you aren’t paying attention, your network will fall victim just like other giants bigger than you. Omega Systems provides in-depth risk assessment services to identify, prioritize, and develop remediation plans for any and all weaknesses in your cybersecurity.

What’s Covered in a Risk Assessment?

Vulnerability assessments and risk assessments often run in the same groups, but serve distinct purposes among assessment services. Depending on what you’re looking to have accomplished, a risk assessment is best suited for determining the potential of damage from extant threats. Oftentimes it follows or is performed simultaneously with vulnerability assessments.

By definition, risk assessments identify threats and analyze them to determine what the likelihood of damage, exposure, and loss may result from a full blown incident. This helps highlight potential threats that pose the greatest risk to your system, prioritizing preventative measures going forward. A risk assessment can cover several services available with your cybersecurity, including:

  • Network Mapping
  • Phishing Assessment
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Web Application Assessment
  • Operating System Security Assessment
  • Database Assessment

How Omega Systems Delivers Results

Cybersecurity assessments can be exhaustive processes, but accepting anything less leaves your company open to unseen hazards that could cause extensive harm to your system. We holistically examine your environment, including infrastructure, applications, people and protocols, and provide a digestible report documenting our findings.

Understanding where your weaknesses lie is the first step. The next is enacting an action plan to remediate the threat. Following a risk assessment, Omega Systems works with your internal teams to design a plan to effectively address the threat. If the identified risk can be eliminated from your system, then we provide the resources to secure your company’s infrastructure.

Not all threats can be eliminated, however. In the case of a threat that cannot be removed safely, Omega Systems will help design contingencies to control and contain the threat. The next best option to removal is minimizing the impact a threat could have on your system.

Moving Forward After a Risk Assessment

Depending on the results, you have several options open before you. Omega Systems provides the support you need to flush out and repair your system, but proactive measures for preventative policies may be necessary. This may include upgrading your security system, restoring data, or planning out security adjustments for company growth.

Omega Systems provides high quality, intensive cybersecurity risk assessment services ideal for informing your company about immediate and potential threats. The sooner you’re made aware, the sooner you can take steps to safeguard your data. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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