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Zoom Security Risks Even Grandma Should Know About

It is amazing to see how a global pandemic can make even the most rigid technology-avoider change their tune. Those who may have once turned their nose up at technology-based communication, are now giving it a go to gain some semblance of personal or group contact. Annoying as an unexpected change is, varying generations of Americans are using tools to make “social distancing” work on both business and personal fronts; and while the average American seeks to avoid unnecessary human contact, easy to use, cross-platform-communication software has proven to make life less isolating.

Zoom, once highly successful amid the B2B marketplace, is now a household name and fan favorite anywhere humans can find an internet connection. Zoom is now being used by schools, churches, between friends for online celebrations or just hangouts, and so on.  Even grandma likely knows what Zoom is. This profitable company has seen massive trading trends, an enormous increase in stock value and a PE climbing well above 1500x.  As is the case with most rapid-pace success stories, there are exploiters.  The recent success has projected a global-sized target on Zoom’s back.  It’s worth noting that everything has rapidly become grand scale for this business and we are not just referencing stock growth.  The software is a complex and inherently has bugs.  What was once a minor security flaw is now a world-recognized security black eye.

What’s worse than a security vulnerability?

…A “recognized” security vulnerability.  …And what’s worse than a recognized security vulnerability?  A “globally recognized and exploited” security vulnerability.

Security Concerns:

There is a lot of online gossip, rebuttals and civil lawsuit reporting’s all over the internet regarding Zoom. This includes allegations of the company leaking user information to Facebook, conference call eavesdropping, password exposures, installation system prompt trickery, malware installation, encryption issues and more.  Omega Systems cannot provide expert insight on any allegations, nor are we seeking to fuel the fire against Zoom. Our purpose is simply to urge all users to err on the side of caution when using online conferencing software.

Omega’s Suggestions:

Zoom is great, however when it comes to internet security, it is best to steer clear of known and exploited vulnerabilities.  Consider implementing an alternative software.  Omega Systems can assist you with the appropriate set up of Microsoft Teams or another video-conferencing alternative.

If your business is ultimately set on using Zoom for conferencing, it is imperative a password is set on Zoom meetings. Additionally, we recommend the software is only run on non-administrative user accounts to prevent any larger-scale security breaches and future headaches.

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