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 Smart Secure

Professionally Managed Cybersecurity Solution

We take care of everything.

Managing your in house cybersecurity is a costly, time consuming and resource intensive job
that requires minute-by-minute threat awareness, proper and on-going firewall configurations,
monitoring, incident response and more.  Smart Secure handles it all!

Isn’t it time your business invested in professional protection with
cost transparency, next-gen security, compliance and single-source accountability?

Complete cybersecurity management.

Threats constantly evolve – so should your defense strategy!

Smart Secure is not just another protective measure, it is a proactive service – and one that gets more intuitive and protective every day!

Our single-source accountability extends to implementations, management, maintenance, custom-built tools and reporting.  We even interface with 3rd parties on your behalf and ONLY alert you when necessary.

Smart Secure Packages

Our team exemplifies dedication.

Wouldn’t you prefer to know WHO has access to your data?

At Omega Systems our certified professionals are folks you know and trust.  As a testament to personal dedication, each Omega-employed cybersecurity professional is independently audited for qualification and best practices.

Omega Systems is proud to employ a Fortinet NSE 8 Certified Engineer.  Having an employee with this prestigious security designation is rare, as there are less than 300 NSE 8 Certified Engineers in the US.

Defense Strategy.

The best tools are most effective when applied properly.

Smart Secure uses enterprise-level, industry recognized cybersecurity products and tools.  We run our own high-level analytics through properly configured FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager.  Additionally, we apply the mitre attack framework indicators of compromise to track threat trends and continuously apply this threat intelligence to our custom-designed alerting system.

Omega Systems | Live Time Dashboards
* Live Time Dashboards 

Customize your perfect-fit solution.

Effective cybersecurity solutions are detail specific.

Your vulnerabilities are as particular and diverse as your employees, applications, network components and businesses practices – which is why Smart Secure customization options are purpose-built.  Each option is designed to give specific insight and validated metrics for appropriate and impactful cybersecurity decision making.

Stay proactive with:

  • Live Time Dashboards
    Sophisticated network visibility and real-time analytics pulled from
    any data source within your network
  • Security Compliance Officer
     Professional insight and security guidance
  • Omega-built SIEM tool
    Immediate threat detection, critical alerting and reporting
  • Vulnerability Assessment
    Detect, report and respond to your hidden security gaps
  • Security Awareness Training
    Upskill your employees with current tactic simulations and training

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