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Log4J Prevention and Post-Exploitation Support2021-12-22T16:22:16-05:00

Log4J Prevention and Post-Exploitation Support

Leverage the power of professional support.

Log4J is a  massive, global security vulnerability, reportedly impacting the majority of the internet’s web applications.  With daily scares and today’s threat sophistication, it is easy for businesses to fall prey to “threat fatigue,” and unintentionally become desensitized to even severe warnings.  Omega Systems’ SOC Team and Technical Engineers never tire from prioritizing the security of the customer infrastructures we manage.   On-going improvement of our Smart Support (managed services) and Smart Secure (managed cybersecurity) platforms provide professional response to new threats, like Log4J, AND remove the burden from the businesses we serve. 


Omega Systems’ proprietary detection scripts run to validate vulnerability existence on servers that leverage our managed support service (Smart Support).

Remediation Reporting

Frontline internal vulnerability scanner uses proprietary detection engines to track and report on the Log4J vulnerability AND the completion of ongoing remediation efforts.

AI-Powered Prevention

Machine-speed detection, response and hunting across endpoints defeats attacks at every stage of the threat lifecycle.

Need-To-Know Visibility

Managed cybersecurity (Smart Secure) customers receive a list of their exposed application for preventative patching, application updates or remediation protocols.

Intrusion Prevention & Threat Forensics

Beyond conventional packet filtering, DPI (deep packet inspection), a highly sophisticated form of “packet sniffing” identifies a threat, examines the contents, decides how to handle it AND figures out where the threat originated.

“Anything You Can Do” Dangers of Log4J

Every business is at high risk of Log4J, because an attacker essentially gains keys to your network kingdom to:

  • Steal emails
  • Steal credentials
  • Destroy files
  • Expose data
  • Install ransomware
  • Access & execute business-critical core controls
  • Shutdown systems
  • Interrupt necessary protocols

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