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You’ve Been Hacked! 10-Steps to Recovery.

Cybercrime is huge! Ransomware viruses, crypto-jacking, identity theft, ad fraud, you name it. Next to drug trafficking, cybercrime is the most profitable of crimes with the added attraction of minimal risk. Are you a target? Yes! Does your company store or use confidential records, personal account information, health records, customer transactional history? Then, ABSOLUTELY and the consequences are devastating. Omega Systems has handled the fallout of companies who are un- or under-protected when it comes to cybersecurity. We always indorse proactivity, but for those who have not on-boarded a robust and forward-moving security protocol, you need to know: What do you do when you get panic calls at 8:00 AM on a Monday morning, stating your business files have been hijacked for ransom?

Here are 10 steps we suggest:

  1. Seek immediate legal and IT professional council
  2. Contain the infection by removing the infected machine(s) from the network
  3. Begin analysis of infection path
  4. Determine your recovery options; restore from backups, pay ransom, disaster recovery
  5. Mitigate the infection with anti-virus / anti-malware
  6. Verify remediation of infection was affective
  7. Contact insurance carrier if cyber liability policy is held
  8. Begin restoration of systems – there may be decryption tools available depending on the type of ransomware
  9. Review analysis of infection and mitigate / remediate security vulnerabilities in your environment
  10. Determine if breach notification is required

Did any of the 10 steps raise a red flag? If so, it’s time to get your action plan together. Partnering with the right managed services provider can help you define specifics for your business and infrastructure.