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To thrive today, you need an IT solution that can help you drive transformation. Cloud services are designed to not only deliver the daily infrastructure your business needs to operate, but to inspire the means for a more productive, innovative and resilient future.

Omega Systems’ cloud hosting services do just that.

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Types of Cloud Hosting Services We Offer

Whether your success hinges on better performance, improved flexibility and scalability, robust security or all of the above, our team is committed to listening to your concerns and developing a cloud strategy that helps you achieve your unique objectives.

We offer both private and public cloud services to serve your preferred requirements, and both offer enhanced productivity, functionality and cost predictability compared to conventional, on-premise IT infrastructure.

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Private Cloud Services

Our enterprise-grade private cloud infrastructure offers 99.99% uptime through our privately owned data center. This service provides a secure solution without sacrificing control over your data or infrastructure. More importantly, there’s no need to worry about maintaining or upgrading your own IT environment or network.

Our private cloud support delivers all the benefits you expect from an advanced solution, including advanced security, increased flexibility, business continuity and a solid return on investment.

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Public Cloud Services

Our public cloud support lets you take full advantage of your critical Microsoft solutions through Entra ID (Azure) and 365, delivering an integrated solution that powers your entire company. Our knowledgeable and experienced cloud consultants will help you optimize, maintain and secure your public cloud environment while providing cost savings and improving process efficiency.

Plus, our team can help guide you as the Microsoft landscape continues to evolve and expand.

Benefits of Partnering with Omega Systems for Cloud Hosting Services

When you choose us as your cloud hosting provider, you’ll be working with a company that prides itself on the highest level of personal service. While our technology practices meet or exceed our competitors, we stand even higher above the crowd for our dedication to customer success. Some of the benefits you’ll experience when partnering with Omega include the following:

  • We stay on top of industry technology trends, regulatory standards and the latest cybersecurity threats to ensure our service always meets your changing demands.
  • As an extension of your business, we offer an innovative, experienced approach built on trust and collaboration.
  • Our professionals have extensive knowledge specific to key industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing and more.
  • We offer long-term technology consulting that helps you strategize as you grow, evolve and transform.

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Key Industries We Serve

Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions leverage cloud services to enable productivity, secure customer data & facilitate regulatory compliance.

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Public and private cloud services allow healthcare organizations to maximize efficiency and safeguard patient information while meeting strict HIPAA confidentiality guidelines.

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Find out more about why law practices, accounting firms and others in the professional services industry rely on the cloud for their IT operations.

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Hedge funds and other asset management firms have long relied on the cloud to maximize the speed and resiliency needed to power their investment operations.

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For manufacturing & distribution companies. the cloud delivers a critical and cost-effective means of enabling greater efficiency and bringing IT operations into the modern age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SOC 2, or System and Organization Controls 2, is a cybersecurity compliance framework developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It focuses on ensuring that service organizations securely manage customer data based on five Trust Service Principles:

  • Security: Protects data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.
  • Availability: Ensures data and systems are accessible and useable when needed.
  • Processing Integrity: Accurately and completely processes data without unauthorized modification.
  • Confidentiality: Protects sensitive information from unauthorized access or disclosure.
  • Privacy: Collects, uses, retains, discloses, and disposes of personal information responsibly.

Service providers who undergo independent SOC 2 audits to validate their operational and security controls are often preferred vendors for customers. Omega Systems has successfully completed a SOC 2 audit for the last 11 consecutive years, demonstrating our continued commitment to safeguarding customer information.

Cloud services are application and infrastructure computing resources that are stored and available over the Internet – rather than via traditional on-site or on-premise storage devices. Cloud services providers, like Omega Systems,  maintain robust and redundant data center infrastructures and allow customers to leverage computing resources without having to purchase or maintain hardware and software.

Public cloud services, such as those offered by Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google, offer expansive application and collaboration solutions tailored to power entire organizations with integrated capabilities. They provide scalability and flexibility through a shared environment, often at a very low cost to customers. On the other hand, private cloud services  offer enhanced control and security over data and infrastructure, making them ideal for enterprises prioritizing privacy and control without the burden of managing their own IT environment. Both options cater to distinct needs, providing businesses with diverse choices based on their specific requirements and preferences.

Trust Omega Systems as Your Cloud Hosting Provider

If you’re searching for a reliable, secure, efficient and cost-effective private or public cloud hosting solution, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Omega’s cloud consultants to learn more about our premier hosting services and how they can benefit your company.

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