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Managed IT Services for Nonprofits

Reliable support and proven expertise to help your organization mitigate risk, improve efficiency and productivity & enable your mission

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Managed Cybersecurity Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofits organizations rely on IT ecosystems for managing employees, facilitating fundraising, and maintaining important relationships with donors and partners. These crucial processes require secure and streamlined technology solutions that function reliably — even with limited budgets and internal expertise.

Fortunately, Omega Systems has more than 20 years of nonprofit IT expertise and delivers the solutions organizations need to achieve their missions while boosting efficiency, improving security and keeping costs in check.

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24×7 Managed IT Support

Managed IT services are an ideal setup for nonprofits that operate without an internal IT department or with limited technology expertise. With Omega’s Smart Support service, leave the daily responsibility for management, maintenance and reporting to us, and you reap the benefits.

This proactive managed service continually monitors the health and performance of your IT network, delivering the scalable and sustainable environment you need to achieve your objectives. Plus, access our 24×7 Service Desk to investigate and resolve unexpected issues.

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Public and Private Cloud Hosting

Migrating to the cloud can help your nonprofit organization streamline data management for the long term. Omega Systems offers both private and public cloud services, each of which deliver scalability, proactive security, optimized functionality and predictable cost structures.

If your nonprofit operates without an IT department, cloud hosting offers a high value means to ensure you operate with the most updated security and functionality features without incurring costly and time-consuming implementation and management responsibilities.

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IT Infrastructure Planning and Ongoing Support

Your infrastructure is an essential aspect of your operational efficiency and data security. Omega Systems can help you identify the right approach to your infrastructure, whether it involves cloud migration and virtualization or a more reliable backup and recovery protection solution. As your partner in performance, we provide ongoing support for your IT infrastructure to deliver the best possible results.

As an Omega customer, you’ll have a dedicated technical success manager who can respond to your needs, answer your questions, and  help you design an IT roadmap for the future.

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Get Started with Managed Cybersecurity for Nonprofits

Omega Systems develops partnerships with nonprofits to deliver ongoing support and expertise to address key challenges in the industry. We assess your needs from the start to determine the best course of action for you and we’re always ready to modify our approach and respond to your organization’s evolving requirements. Let’s get started.

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