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IT Services & Security Solutions for Banks and Credit Unions

Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions are grappling with complex technology challenges that threaten to disrupt their operations and put sensitive customer data at risk. And with limited budgets, lack of resources and strict compliance demands, the industry is in need of skilled and sophisticated IT expertise. 

Omega Systems has supported the banking industry for more than 20 years – offering compliance and IT managed services for community banks and credit unions to regional and national multi-branch institutions – and has deep experience alleviating these burdens. Our outsourced IT services for banks are designed with flexibility and delivered with specialized expertise so you can focus on your day-to-day priorities while we mitigate threats and modernize your technology for the future. 

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IT Solutions to Address Common Banking Challenges  

Our banking industry IT services combine superior technology and customer-first support to help companies address today’s most pressing challenges, including: 

  • Mitigating financial and operational risk associated with cyber threats 
  • Maintaining compliance with FDIC, GLBA, SEC & other relevant regulations 
  • Enabling strategic growth with efficiency and scalability  
  • Relying on costly, legacy infrastructure and limited internal resources to manage growing amounts of customer & transactional data 

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How Banks Can Manage Today’s Cybersecurity Threats

Banks have become particularly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats as the financial services industry has moved into the digital age. Understanding the threats that your financial institution must navigate will help you enact successful cybersecurity strategies and meet compliance requirements.

At Omega Systems, we help banks, credit unions and other financial institutions understand and mitigate harm from the various cybersecurity threats present today. Our cybersecurity solutions account for common risks such as ransomware attacks, phishing scams and insider threats. We remain at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation research to understand evolving threats and implement the latest mitigation strategies to protect you and your consumers from harm.

With Omega Systems’ cybersecurity and compliance services, you can implement a secure IT infrastructure and foster a cybersecurity-conscious company culture.

Here is how we help banks understand and prepare for these threats:

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Regulatory Compliance Standards for Banking

Our managed IT security services for community banks are designed to help meet increasing compliance demands from a wide variety of regulators:

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Compliance Reporting and Readiness with Omega Systems

Because cybersecurity for banks is so critical, various regulatory bodies require financial institutions to disclose cybersecurity incidents and the risk management strategies in place to prevent future threats. These regulators demand regular assessments and policy reviews as well as clarity and comprehensiveness in all cybersecurity reports.

We have considerable experience assisting in financial industry cybersecurity compliance readiness and reporting. Our staff understands the requirements that the FDIC, GLBA and SEC establish for this process and will work with you to ensure your security assessment process and subsequent documentation provides all necessary information.

Leverage our expertise in advance of audit deadlines to complete a thorough security and compliance assessment. Once the assessment is complete, we will use the findings to recommend and mobilize cybersecurity strategies that protect your financial institution from cyber threats while enabling effective compliance.

Omega Systems integrates readiness and reporting in our cybersecurity compliance service for banks. As part of this service package, we maintain thorough records of all threats, mitigation strategies, breaches and resolutions to expedite the IT compliance reporting process and ensure accurate and timely alignment with necessary benchmarks.

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Mitigating Risk through IT Security & Data Protection

Omega’s managed cybersecurity service, Smart Secure, offers end-to-end security support for banks and credit unions to protect your critical information and reduce downtime and subsequent costs to your revenue, reputation and customer experience.

Smart Secure includes customizable and a la carte enhancements so your environment can uniquely align to your IT budget and security appetite. Whether you operate one branch or 1000, we can right-size a service portfolio for you.

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Fully Managed Cybersecurity Bundle for Banks

Smart Secure Core Components:

  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • 24×7 Proactive Monitoring
  • SIEM Logging and Reporting
  • Endpoint Detection & Response

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Discover Compliant IT Solutions for Banking 

Omega Systems has proven experience helping banks and credit unions mitigate growing threats and maintain compliance with evolving regulatory guidelines. Get started with managed IT services for banking  today. 

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