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Fully Managed IT Services

Omega Systems becomes a vital extension of your team as a managed service provider (MSP). Whether you lack an in-house department or could benefit from auxiliary technology services, support or advisory, our IT MSP services allow us to build the framework, so you can focus on other valuable processes and priorities within your organization. Turn to our expert technicians to deliver premier IT support that helps you:

  • Refocus and reallocate internal IT resources to strategic projects
  • Access 24x7x365 support and guidance when unexpected IT issues arise
  • Improve your proactive security posture with better uptime, continuous monitoring and rapid remediation of security incidents
  • Extend the effectiveness of your team with industry-specific expertise and certified skillsets you don’t have to hire or train
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IT Services That Drive Value for Your Business

IT infrastructure is the backbone of modern business, and it needs to align with today’s performance demands. With information technology services from Omega Systems, your organization can efficiently and cost-effectively address every critical aspect of your infrastructure to increase effectiveness, enhance security and enable compliance.

Managed IT Support

NOC/Escalation Services

IT Consulting and Projects

Co-Managed IT Services

Managed IT Support

Our managed IT support services include a range of proactive solutions to elevate your IT strategy. Continuous maintenance and network monitoring ensure your operations run seamlessly at all times, and our Service Desk is available 24×7 to respond to critical threats and unplanned downtime. Like all of Omega’s core services, customize your Smart Support package for maximum flexibility and personalization.

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NOC & Escalation Services

To extend beyond traditional network monitoring, Omega’s Network Operations Center (NOC) focuses on continuous alerting and Priority 1 response to keep your network functional and safe. Our Smart Response escalation services allow us to triage and investigate critical IT issues and design custom escalation plans that align to your organization’s priorities and resource needs.

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IT Consulting & Project Management

Completing IT projects on time and on budget can be a complex undertaking. Omega Systems provides expert IT consulting and support to help your team manage projects from start to finish. Whether you’re managing an infrastructure upgrade, relocating to a new office or completing a proprietary project, our dedicated team can help you design an effective strategy for implementation so you can maximize the return on your investment.

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Co-Managed IT Services

If you already have an IT department in place, our co-managed IT services can effectively augment your team with additional expertise, resources and bandwidth. Whatever your technology needs, Omega Systems will provide the supplemental services your team needs to manage its workload and drive progress. Outsourcing processes like remote backup and vulnerability management gives your team the time to focus on large-scale, strategic projects that can improve your organization as a whole.

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Round-the-clock support

24×7 Help Desk Services

Omega’s 24×7 Service Desk is staffed with our skilled technicians trained to address your challenges across the IT spectrum. Regardless of your issue, our technicians offer the expertise necessary to solve your problem efficiently. With round-the-clock access to our help desk, your team can reduce downtime, boost productivity and save time and money often associated with technology troubleshooting.

Managed IT Support Details

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Why Choose Omega Systems as Your IT MSP?

With Omega as your MSP, you experience the benefits of a customer-first managed or co-managed technology partner, plus:

  • Deep industry experience to help you navigate the common challenges present in your industry or vertical market
  • Constant innovation so you never have to worry about using outdated or legacy infrastructure or practices
  • Round-the-clock IT support to solve unexpected IT issues before they hinder your productivity or lead to large-scale disruptions
  • Agility and personalization to ensure your IT environment meets your individual objectives, needs and budget
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Customer Validation

For more than 20 years, Omega Systems has delivered award-winning IT services that elevate businesses and allow them to achieve high-value goals. We serve customers across various industries to strengthen their IT infrastructure and help them leverage technology as a differentiator. Read first-hand accounts of our influence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed and co-managed IT refer to different types of relationships that customers can have with their IT providers.

  • Managed IT:
    • Hands-off support: The IT provider handles everything, including 24/7 monitoring, security and support.
    • Best for: Companies without internal IT teams or those who want complete care from a trusted partner.
  • Co-Managed IT:
    • Teamwork approach: You share IT responsibilities with a provider for specific needs (e.g. special projects or security needs). The provider will fill in the gaps left by your internal IT team.
    • Best for: Companies with existing IT teams or resources seeking targeted support or specialized expertise.

Both NOC and SOC teams focus on safeguarding your systems, but in different ways:

  • NOC (Network Operations Center):
    • Keeps the network running smoothly: Monitors network performance, fixes outages, and manages infrastructure.
    • Focuses on: Availability, performance, uptime.
  • SOC (Security Operations Center):
    • Shields against cyber threats: Detects and responds to security incidents, preventing attacks.
    • Focuses on: Security, threat detection, incident response.

They work together for holistic protection. The NOC keeps the network healthy, while the SOC secures it.

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