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IT Services for Life Sciences Companies

Drive innovation and go-to-market strategy with reliable and secure IT services designed for the life sciences industry

Cybersecurity & Managed Services for Biotech & Pharma

Companies operating in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device or related industries are used to working under pressure. But escalating cybersecurity threats, unreliable IT support and increasing compliance standards are raising the stakes.

Omega Systems helps life sciences companies accelerate results while balancing productivity and efficiency with confidentiality and security of proprietary business information. As your managed service provider (MSP), we’ll safeguard your intellectual property and help ensure a successful future for your organization – leaving you to focus on your R&D and go-to-market responsibilities.

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Professionally Managed IT Services for Life Sciences

Our managed cybersecurity service, Smart Secure, couples industry-leading technology with professional management and monitoring to help you keep pace with a rapidly changing cyber landscape.

Security solutions from Omega Systems are designed to help businesses in the life sciences industry:

  • Ward off cyber threats and protect sensitive and proprietary data from theft or misuse
  • Meet strict regulatory compliance requirements for data protection
  • Assess, upgrade & migrate legacy systems and siloed applications
  • Support or strengthen your internal IT expertise and alleviate administrative burdens
  • Better manage and monitor third parties to mitigate vendor & supply chain risk
  • Increase your operational efficiency and go to market faster
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Security & Compliance for Life Sciences

At any stage of the lifecycle, it’s critical to protect your IP and ensure your security controls and processes are designed with compliance in mind.

If you’re out of step with current regulatory requirements or slow to adapt to evolving cyber threats, you’re risky the efficacy of your critical work. While you focus on improving patient outcomes, let us focus on making your technology a differentiator instead of a deficiency.

As a life sciences organization, here are some of your key security and compliance priorities:

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Get a Cybersecurity Assessment

A comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment is the most impactful and efficient way to identify gaps in your existing security environment and develop a list of priorities that dictate how to improve your security posture and meet requirements from the FDA, USDA, HIPAA and other agencies.

Omega’s multi-framework cyber risk assessment will gauge your overall cybersecurity effectiveness by analyzing your IT controls, policies and procedures and governance structure. After a complete assessment, we’ll document your exposures and provide recommendations on gap remediation to aid in compliance management.

data discovery services

Discover & Track Your Sensitive Data

Life sciences companies regulated by the FDA, HIPAA, SOX and other requirements – notably pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies – deal with highly sensitive and confidential data – so keeping an eye on where that data lives, who accesses it and how it’s protected is a critical need.

With data discovery and classification, you can leverage automated technology to locate, organize and monitor your data as it traverses in and out of your network. Elevate your risk management by keeping your IP and/or protected health information (PHI) away from hackers, third parties, competitors and others with unnecessary access – and take an important step to data compliance.

endpoint detection and response

Protect Your (Growing) Attack Surface

Hybrid workforces, digital transformation and sophisticated cyber schemes have all contributed to the production of a near-limitless attack surface. Your workstations, mobile devices and endless other endpoints are attractive honeypots for would-be attackers – and risky door-openers for uninformed or even vengeful employees.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology drops a net on your infrastructure and proactively hunts and monitors threats across all your organization’s endpoints so you can rest easier knowing your network is shielded from viruses, malware and advanced persistent threats.

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Why Omega Systems Is the Right Choice for Life Sciences IT Services

  • We’re not afraid to admit that we’re a little nerdy when it comes to technology, but our passion for IT and innovation translates into value for you. We’re continuously evaluating tools and technologies to ensure you’re operating at peak performance, and we frequently invest in cutting-edge hardware and infrastructure – so you don’t have to.
  • It shouldn’t feel like work to get your IT service provider on the phone. We pride ourselves on the highest level of customer service and support. Where other MSPs fall short, we excel – delivering a premier level of service focused on availability, personalization, and partnership.
  • Service flexibility means one size doesn’t have to fit all. Right-size your security, IT compliance or managed support service to fit your needs and budget. Choose a fully managed service or co-managed IT approach to align with your resource needs and infrastructure requirements.

Get the IT Expertise Your Life Sciences Company Needs

With Omega Systems, your biotechnology, pharmaceutical or medical device company is in safe (and secure) hands. Get in touch with our team and let’s start talking about how we can support your business’s IT and cybersecurity needs.

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